Need you opinions

I have two unknown strains one in budding stage week 6. The other in flower stage week 4. When will I know when it’s time to harvest my budding plant.

I think the flowering plant is going to have a very good yield.

I believe budding and flowering are two different terms describing the same thing. The difference is one looks like it’s been monster cropped.

Your harvest should be determined by your trichome development. I prefer 40 - 75 percent amber. You’ll have to find your own sweet spot. Take some buds at different stages of development and you’ll know for next grow.

Just about anything you produce will be more satisfying than what you can buy, unless you score from a grower that is concerned most with quality.

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I scored some bubble gum I really liked that. I have a white widow auto seedling and a blue mystic auto seedling

Would you let them bud more looking at my pic I don’t think I am at 75% yet

I would definitely let them bud longer. I have a little jewler’s loupe that I use to look at mine. The magnification on it is only 40X, but it helps me see them better.

I’m hoping to find a 60X or 100X to really see them better, but mine does the job for now. Check your buds and guesstimate the percentage you want. You’ll be glad you waited longer.

Here’s a picture of one I was advised to let go longer. I’m taking that advice knowing how impatient I am! Lol

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