Need to raise ph need to know the best way

Out of 7 plants two ph readings are down to 5.7 and 5.9. how should i proceed in raising the ph levels. Runoff levels are 1720 and 2400, also showing signs of cal mag deficiency. My plan is to use dehumidifier water with calcium nitrate and epson with a ph of 6.8 does this seem right? PH run off is 6.0 to 6.5 on the rest of the plants. @Hellraiser @BobbyDigital @Covertgrower @MO_Grow417 @Myfriendis410 @ Budz Using Jacks 321 How much calcium nitrite and epson should i use per gallon of water?

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Flush with dechlorinated tap water until you get 6.3-6.5 run off.
Soon as you see that pH do Full feed at 6.8 pH to end your flush.
Additionally Supplement 1/2 teaspoon granulated lime per gallon of soil in the pot, to keep your pH in range going forward.
This gets sprinkled on top of the soil.
After a few waterings it might spike up to 6.7, but eventually it settles around 6.3-6.5


Per gal mixture is
3.6g of Part A
2.4g of Part B
1.5g of Epsom salt

Low covered the rest.


Following as similar issues

I mix 7/8 tsp part a 1/2 part b 1/4 tsp epson

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Everyone measures a teaspoon differently which is why using a scale is recommended, from the company. So it’s done as it’s intended, every time.


I found that during my first grow that the soil tends to buffer the ph down to about 5.8. You seem about right on track. As long as ph of water going in is good, you’re fine. Might have a lockout do to buildup of excessive salts. A flush might be in order.

Your medium is not low enough to have to worry about IMO.

Soil? Assuming soil-based on desired 6.5. What soil?

I agree with myfriend410 about your ph !2400 is a little high for jacks which I use also
I use a milder solution than most I would follow low advice a water only every once in a while doesn’t hurt or use a microbe product it will extend your ph range but jacks doesn’t use silica which I add this will also raise ph make plant more sturdy and makes cell walls larger i always ph before I feed or water but not so much after but keeping a written journal will help you recognize patterns and repeat success :v:

Bottom third of a 10 gallon fiber pot filled with FFOF upper 2/3 with HF. Haven’t really had to fertilize much at all. I’m in about the fifth week of Flower. @Myfriendis410

I have some great white would that help? @sparky66

Been a lot of reports of low PH in FF products: you can search here for folks who’ve posted about it. That said; I wouldn’t worry about it. Fifth week of flower also means your PH is gonna drop anyway.


I’ve had 2 bags with 4.7 pH took over a month to fix. I’ve had bags over 7pH. Both cases with Happy frog. Some bags had 1000-2000ppm and some had 5000-6000ppm. They are getting worse!


Never used but microbes always help I use recharge it has microbes plus all the acids and food for the microbes :v:

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I can confirm with low ph after about 5 weeks using ffof. I still use ffof but I always mix in extra perlite and 1cup of fine powdered dolomite lime. The recommended dose is a little higher but I find that to be to much. When pre mixing in lime make sure you mix it in really really well.
I will also 2nd the use of recharge it really is a great product and just a small bag last a very long time.

Thanks for the response. I did add perlite. How much dolomite did you add ? Do you think i could top dress some dolomite or could i just mix some in ph’d water or would that mess up my ph’d water? Possibly add some recharge also? @Indicanna_Jones

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@jdw you can top dress lime you will need it to be as fine as possible but it will take about 3 to 4 weeks to start working.
I mix 1 cup per 1.5 cubic ft bag and that seems to be just about right.
Recharge is great for adding all sorts of microbes and food for the microbes. All that organic food needs to be broken down before your plant can absorb it. Think of the organics as being to big for your plant to eat so the microbes eat that food and poop out smaller pieces that your plant can handle.

Do you think i could grind the shit out of it and add to next watering? @Indicanna_Jones I’min 10 gal fiber pots water with about 1 gal of ph’d distilled water tonight.

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I wouldnt mix it in water you would be better off top dressing about a half cup to your 10 gal container. However by the time it starts working it will be harvest time some save yourself the trouble.

I also see you haven’t used any nutes yet. I would definitely suggest checking your tds runoff and might as well check ph while your at it.

If you tds is around 1000 dont bother feeding but by this time im guessing its probably only a few hundred. I’d suggest feeding them some high phosphorus and potassium and would also feed some calmag.

I just fertilized 8/26 . 2 plants got Jacks 321 tds in 1plant1070 out was1130, ph in6,7 out 6,3 the rest got Flower fuel which is 1-32-34 tds in was 212 out 1090 ph in6.7 out 6.3 does that sound about right? Those are just 2 out of 7 plants.

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