Need to know why my soil won’t dry

Ok I am having an issue with saturated soil. I’m super stressed on my new autos. I failed on my first attempt. My medium is coco based 12.12.12 I flushed my soil before I put the new seeds in so far they seem to be a day or two ahead of my previous attempt. My conditions are,
Temp 77
RH was 50 but removed my humidifier to create a dryer environment. Now my RH is 31
My soil was 9.1 before an after 24 hrs still the same.
Does anyone have any suggestions to resolve my problem.
I also noticed that I have some red on my stems showing phosphorus deficiencies. I ordered the tiger bloom 3 pack to help resolve that is this accurate.
I’m desperate feel like I’m going to fail again

Assuming you have holes in your grow pot? I haven’t ever used coco so lets see what @garrigan62 has to offer

My soil was 9.1…what?

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Coco which i do believe is actually soilless

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i Have a soil moisture meter, which I use to see how dry the soil is I’m new at this,I thought this device would help to not over water. I purchased at the local hardware store. I put this in the soil half depth of the pot between the pot and the plant

Yes I have holes in the pot. Pot size is 10”w x 9”d
I have a soil moisture meter which I purchased at Menards local hardware store I thought this would help me keep from over watering,

Those cheap probes are pretty much worthless. Don’t feel bad, I bought one once too.
From the 2 pics I see your seedlings look happy.


From what i hear those don’t work an can’t be trusted, feel the weight of you pot without water then water an feel it again…don’t do next watering till pot is as light as the first time you held it just another way to tell if it’s dry

Ok thanks I’ll give it some more time thanks for the input it relieves some stress

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This is my problem I didn’t start with a dry soil I watered it trying to flush it making sure I got good quality ph level and a good soil moisture to plant


seedlings look good. a lot of growing is personal contact.
yes, ALL of us look at our babies 4+ times a day.

If pot feels heavy, got water. If pot feels light, needs water.

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You going to want to ad that humidifier back in. You should be 50-70% for seedlings lower humidity for flowering.

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Coco is prone to calcium and Zink defs and if you are not using a coco specific nutrients than you may be seeing that and it may be causing a lock out rather than anything related to PH. Many coco growers water at PH 6.2/6.4, or at PH 5.8/5.9 . I think that you should get a bottle of Cal-Mag Plus and use it full strength in your res and then half strength the next res change throughout the grow except for the last 2 to 3 weeks and your problems may change.
How often are you flooding?? What kind of nutes are you using?? If seedlings no nutrients.
Bio Biz nutes are generally soil based because the biological bacteria’s need to chilate Bad Spelling, in the soil creating the beneficial bacterial environment which makes that particular nute function so well. In an inert medium like coco you are not looking for the same play ground.
Try to dig up some pics on Cal/Zinc defs. Also, are

And hey, I won’t BS you, I think that if your plants aren’t moving along and you may be possibly over watering then you can get some advice with these coco growers. This would be the best way to go, is a new coco growing forum that I think will put you on the right path. I would hate for you to lose out on your grow just because we think to have all of the answers and honestly since not to many people around here grow in coco I think you should go to that site I post where you should find your answers. Good Luck and I will check on you over there if you get plugged in. Let them know the brand of coco, and schedule, addatives and any other related info.

Just don’t forget to come back here.

I have new plants only 1 wk old I wasn’t going to go with nutrients till week 3-4 depending on growth, checked out the site you suggested, thank you for that it seems I might be under watering based on I get no run off so my soil is just holding the water I’m giving which I read is not good. Soil can get rotten?

Also I needed to ask with autos what light cycle is recommended I’m doing 24

Most of us use 12/12 after 24/0 the first week then 18/6 or 16/8 for 2-3 more weeks. I just moved 2 Northern Lights 5 weeks old into the flower room. We’ve found out from experience that 12/12 doesn’t make a big difference on yields. Others may disagree. Like I said…most of us do it this way.

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24/0 first week

18/6 for wk 2-4 or till the end

I go 16/8 weeks 2-4 or 5 then 12/12. I don’t see any difference between 16/8 or 18/6 growth wise, so I save the extra 2 hours of electricity myself.