Need to know if it’s time to stop nutes

I am a first time grower. My Amnesia Haze Autoflower is in the eighth week of flowering. The trichomes appear to be turning white. Some of the stigmas are turning orange. I have read that it is best to stop giving it nutes 2 weeks before harvest. How will I know when it’s time to give it just water. Is it time now? Please help. Thank you.


Give it like 5 more days

You are no where close to harvest. My opinion


Probably not yet


Agreed, feed following around manufacturers schedule for about week 6 of flower give or take.

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You can wait till nearly all the pistils are rusty and curled inward before even bothering to check trichomes. Transitions in the flowering stage take several days for each change to take place. Not. Over night. Hope this is helpful.


Keep up the good work , let those Buds keep fattening up . Keep us posted you still have several weeks to go. :v::+1:


Looks great, but you still have at least a month, so I’d keep feeding for at least 2 weeks. Some people feed all the way up to harvest. Me, I just use straight water when I’m around the last couple weeks.


You’ll want to wait for those pistils top recede before thinking about what the trichomes look like. Look for her flowers to bulk up and add weight over the next couple of weeks.


I agree with all above :point_up_2:t3:. Appears to need a few more weeks. :blush::v:


Just as a point of reference. The amnesia haze autos I grew quite a while ago started flowering around day 36 + -. Three plants were harvested between 117 - 123 total days.

Not the prettiest things I’ve grown but we all start somewhere. Two close to harvest



Excellent reference

In my opinion you have several weeks to go.

As for when to stop nutrients, I’m not sure, its a personal opinion. I do try to stop watering for a few days before harvest. Then i cut them down at night preferably a full moon…it pulls all the resin into the buds…I didnt believe at first, but give it a try if you can.

Looking good! Happy gardening.

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Can you describe how this works?

Some people feed right up to harvest…personal preference really. I like to wait untill i see amber then water only for two weeks. Again everyone has there own way.

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Same way the moon affects the ocean tides.

Full moon has an effect. Thays why they call ot a “harvest moon”…some old farmers shit…lol


You got more then 2 weeks another month Flush if you haven’t…

That isn’t why it’s called a harvest moon :joy:. It’s because they used the full moon around autumn to be able to see to harvest! As the full moon gave the brightest light.

Several more weeks in my humble opinion. Once I see mostly cloudy with some clear still showing I water feed only the last 2 weeks :love_you_gesture:

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