Need To know best soil for final medium

Want know what soil be best for final medium and seedling growth Please you guys are awesome :yum:?? And How many Fellow Growers Perfer SOIL??

I’m a coco grower myself but a lot of people on here use foxfarms or pro mix. Dude on here got a grow journal using kind soil and all he had to do whole grow was ph his water. No nutes

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Hey farmer :yum: I checking out that system kind soil we’re you put it at bottom as your food source then use a organic potting soil as the medium I think I’m going do that in future right now I got be cheap but def in future

How’s the coco system work your plants look amazing @HornHead

Stuff is cheap I believe cheaper than foxfarms

Same feel as growing in soil with all the benefits of hydroponic. You just gotta start feeding sooner because coco has no nutrients in it. Plants grow faster in it and it’s damn near impossible to over water

Guess that’s how I’ll start here’s my single I just transplanted cuz my cup was cracking but when I did the soil fell apart this is like a expierment till I get all my equipment in

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Damm that’s cool I like soil though :yum:

Dampen your soil the day before you transplant and it’ll help keep soil together

@HornHead because that happen though do you think she will survive ?

Yeah, but it’s gonna be stunned for a bit so don’t fret. It’ll recover