Need to harvest

I’m 8 weeks into flower…It is legal to grow where I live however my electrician would prefer there not be lights and plants when the electrical inspector homes. He’s about a week out before he does the work at my house.

This is a cherry kush strain from msnl in dwc with 1000watt hps it says it benefits from the full ten weeks and this is a lower bud how far off to you think it is?


Not seeing any ambers so I’d think a couple more weeks, you could take light down to 10/14 to try to hurry her along a bit but it’s still gonna be a little early if you only have a week.

Might still see white pistils too? Get a pic of the entire plant, maybe a foot back…8 weeks since flip or since pistils?

Give it 12 more days… …

This is my first grow and I only have 1 plant on a light right now. Im not sure what the light is called but its a purple LED. Its almost 2 months into flowering. I have it on 12/12 right now in my room. Will it hurt my plant if i move it outdoors? I’m pretty tired of the light I can’t stand the color.

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They are 8 weeks since flip. I’d like the electrical work to be done as soon as possible as my lights are causing issues

I’ll get better pictures. This is my second grow so still not 100% on a lot and it definitely is early on the wedding cake strain I have in the room. I also tried a scrog and that plant seems to be further along. But I did figure I was looking at like 3-4 more weeks on some plants. Was just hoping was closer. Luckily the electrician hasn’t given me a dAte yet and I should be able to push a little because of of state still only letting essential work happen.

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If your United States days are getting longer. I just put a girl out 3 weeks ago and she flowered. 2 months into flowering I think you’ll be fine to have her finish outside to finish the last week or 2. But you can only get away with it for the next 2 maybe 3 weeks. That’s my opinion. I doubt she’ll reveg with less then 2 weeks. BUT YOU’VE WENT THIS FAR, is just let her finish

Thank you for the advice. I might move it outside tomorrow I have it on my light right now. Do you think it will slow down the growing process a little moving it outside?

It will not slow it down it’s in full bloom @ 8 weeks of 12 hours of light… If you put it outside with 13 hours of daylight currently it will either revert back to veg which is called revegging or it will continue it’s flowering which is what mine is doing currently that I put outside 3 weeks ago. Take this with a grain of salt man. Plants do crazy things and have genetic differences just like us. It is best to stay the course you only have couple weeks maybe left if it is indeed at 8 weeks of 12 hours. Flower time is shown at 8-10 weeks for that strain. Get up a pic.od the entire plant and one about a foot back. She has got to be about ready if indeed at 7 weeks (rough guess minus fliptime)

Had a heat issue today while I was at work so probably going to have to pull early anyway. For some reason fans shut off, which is part of why electrical is being upgraded. So think may have damaged them.

Looks like you might have a little bit of calcium deficiency on the outside of your leaves. Need some cal/mag