Need to get an exhaust fan

Oh crap I thought it was the other way around and those were more bargain brand I’ll stick with the AC infinity filter for now as I can see this hobby is going to cost me a fortune at first


Yes, i have both a 4 inch (cheap plastic) Vivosun and a 6 inch (loudest thing i have heard in a while) Vivosun.

for me, the 4inch wasnt able to keep up with my 3x4 during the summer in flower. i was getting into the 90’s, so i upgraded to a 6 in. I have successfully repurposed the 4in to my 2x2 sprouting/early veg tent. it works GREAT there.

The 6 inch was disappointing as it is so loud in my basement that i can hear it on the first floor. (yes, i have already wrapped some insulation around it. need to rethink where its mounted) i think it cost around $140 and i could have gotten the AC Infinity for $190. so.


Only if not using a carbon filter, those type of fans lose a ton of cfm when faced with any resistance like a carbon filter.

Not if you plan on using a carbon filter, then need to step up a 6 inch.

Yes, if you want a quiet fan, go with AC Inifinty. Also reliability, my oldest AC Infinity is going on 4 years of constant use, still as quiet as the day I bought it.

AC Infinity also has the best customer service in the fan industry (like HLG and led lights). A friend of mine lost his fan controller during a move, called up AC Infinity to see if he could buy just the controller, they sent him one for free even though it was entirely his fault for losing the controller. Won’t find service better than that - specially from a chinese company like vivosun.

AC infinity S6. If you want a fancy controller, buy the AC Infinity controller 67, which is better than the controller that comes with the T6.


Mountain air for sure, phresh seems to usually be pretty high on Amazon. Local shop was maybe $120 last time I bought, probably little more now. I didn’t think it was bad because I had zero luck with $30-50 filters on Amazon. I got runaround from ac infinity last year trying to replace t4 controller and they kicked me a big discount code. I ordered their filters but they’re still sitting here in box.

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