Need to buy some lights HELP!


i checked his profile. i didnt look at every one of his replies, but i think maybe hes just really into his light like i am with my hlg… hopefully thats all it is


Could be. But it’s just unusual to have all but one post out of 24 or so post all be pushing that brand. Especially for a new grower


That was probably more of a distance/plant age type of problem. :joy: but heck im not Dr Lighting yet so i dunno


I am not a representation for MarsHydro, but I am a first Mars COB tester.
When I used my HPS many years ago, I showed them my growing experience and pictures on 420 magazine forum, Sara sent me their COB sample to test before they started to sell this model in the market. I tested this light and seen some heat and other problems of light, then I reported the fact to Sara, they gave up selling this model in the market. You can see the history on 420 if you are interested in.
Until last year, Mars upgraded COB technology and produce COB with stable quality and start to sell this model, so I love this brand very much, I think this company is really responsible for customers.
I have good relationship with Sara , I also knew their many employees who helped me repair my light and who is in charge of marketing. When I saw some growers who is very active to help others on forums, I also recommend these people to Mars Hydro and asked Mars to sponsor them to test their lights. That is also the reason why I like to recommend mars lights to others.


Maybe it’s a generatonal thing. Maybe you don’t realize that joining a site under the guise of a fellow hobbyist (even if you are) but using this forum to promote a retail product WITHOUT disclosure of your afiliation or hidden ajenda is (at best) inappropriate, (at worst) deceitful and dishonest! Not a good way to introduce yourself here and counterproductive as you have even sullied Mars reputation for allowing it. Your reputation is shot already "when you post, is it assistance you offer or is it just “commercial” time for you.


id be happy to test the whole mars line. why dont you give me Sara’s contact info and a recommendation?


Ditto to this. Let Sara know u have two future test subjects :joy::joy::joy:


Most growers don’t realize there’s more to a great led light than attaching a name like bridgelux, cree, or Samsung to it. Just because Samsung makes the most efficient led in the world doesn’t mean every led Samsung makes is that competitive.

Here is bin assignment chart for Cree cxb3590. The EB bin has nearly twice the efficacy of the AD bin.

The unsuspecting buyer who’s maybe seen a couple of growmau5 videos can and will get a hard on when they see the name Cree attached to a fixture, but it doesn’t really mean a whole lot.


I think you can contact with Sara to test their new product and find her email on their official website, they need testers to test their new product


@Devile do they make any white light? i dont like to use blurple lights


Sara told me they have new product: white light grow bar, it is not in the market now. Some testers are testing their new product, I think we can see some growing videos about this grow bar next month.


Hey guys, I just placed an order on Mars Hydro’s website, and they gave me a discount code: RICH, You can use it too and get a 10% discount.