Need to ask the experts

So does this look like the beginning of buzz or pre-flower until you? Because this is a photo and should not be flowering I believe unless there is a way to get a seed out of a bag of weed and have that seed have autoflower lineage? Please let me know and also is there a reason an auto would be 3 weeks and a growth and start flour that early?

Buds* not buzz

looks like start of flower to me…I was just speaking with someone growing outdoors and all their plants that were just planted after the solstice, are showing signs of flower and they were concerned did they get auto seeds by mistake because photo should not be showing flower so soon without a light deprevation

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@Texasp3t3 are you growing outdoors? It certainly looks like your little lady jumped right into flower for sure. Pistols are out lol.

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No, it is in my grow room, and can it do that with our being 12 /12

That’s crazy

How do you know it’s a photo if it came out of a bag of weed?


@Texasp3t3 i wouldn’t think a photo being lite up at 18/6 could flower, what’s your lighting schedule?

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Lights is 18/6 and I can’t guarantee is a photo, since came from a bag of weed, so valid point, that’s why I asked that in original question,but all others in tent came from seed bank.and are fem autos and few in flower. So didn’t know if that or heavy stress or any could force a flower without light change or if it is an auto gene lineage from weed bag. But thanks for input guys

You are very observant @Texasp3t3.

I have seen root binding and low temps cause flowering in otherwise stable photostrains. They usually just have a few preflowers and not heavy budding progression. Durban poison always does that when I Bansai it for the winter. I have the same cut 17 seasons this spring.

I am surprised it is ahead of schedule of your known autos more than it is pre flowering for you. That is interesting. More just a comment than any advise. That is very interesting; especially since it’s bag seed.

Me I would clone it. Even if it’s an auto. I recently had my mind blown on a thread saying cloned or reveged autos seem to metamorphosis into a photo. If monster cropped. That’s the experiment I keep running in my head every time I see other peoples autos now. Sorry not trying to hijack your thread. Just thinking out loud really.


Yes auto flower can flower that early. I’ve heard even at week two.

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Your not hijacking it lol. I enjoy hearing all this info. And if it was an auto and u clone it, wouldn’t the clone just flower at same time as mother, but now hearing about converting it to a photo is interesting. But I guess it just never crossed my mind that a bag seed would not be photo. And yes that one and the one auto which were started together are definitely at a different pace, I know diff strains but…

And I think it’s called o.c.d lol not observant lol, first real grow so steadily watching, spent more time with these girls than my wife :scream:. But I do have my first plant close to harvest and looking great


Very possible your bag seed is autoflower.

However, another reason it may be flowering is if she’s in a part of the tent where she doesn’t get adequate light relative to the other plants in the tent. I had a couple photoperiods sex themselves for me on an 18/6 because my mother plant grew too tall and left them literally in her shadow.


So this is the tent and she would be the one in very front left. Should have good light. Though I did jus rearrange them more once this all happened.

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But yeah, never even thought about it being an auto seed… autos are very new to me so

Another question… what’s the best way to quick dry a sample bud?

Air fryer if it has a “dehydrate” setting. Most of em do


:joy:. Lol awesome thanks

ima try this next run maybe tose it in a ninja