Need to add a Amazon light any suggestions

Need some intel on a a decent Amazon light in 80 buck range i kniw im pooe lol :joy:


I’m not good at lighting suggestions but don’t wimp out on the light, it’s probably the most important thing. There’s lots of discount codes floating around or check fb marketplace for used


Agree with @Pinboy
Don’t buy cheap lights


Agree with the others, a cheap light will get you started and some veg time but to decently flower cannabis you’ll need to spend a few bucks. How much depends on the grow space and plant count, this will determine the light size and cost :love_you_gesture:


I’ll add that 80% of the lights on Amazon are trash. Avoid lighting that has a purple hue. Find a light built with Samsung LM301 series diodes.


You can get a patriot less than $200
150 watt perfect for a plant or 2 in a small closet or tent
Then down the road add another


Dont forget “dude” code still gets 20% off i believe

There are some other options
Depending on how handy you are they have kits
Really not to hard to figure out and assemble lots of help on line

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Hey @Skid2 ,I understand being poor. I started out with cheaper lights and had to replace them. Fortunately I accidentally got a couple that I still use for seedlings and clones. They are what we call blurples. The ones that throw purple/red lighting. Not great lights but they can grow plants but just not well beyond the first couple weeks. As long as you dont expect to be able to grow more than a single plant with a light in that price range you can do it and like me when you advance to better lights you can use the cheaper one to start seeds a few weeks before you move them to the tent.
This one is just a bit more expensive but will grow a single autoflower or a photoperiod if you dont let it get too big before switching to flower.

If it was me I would grow a single photoperiod plant using a 12/12 schedule from the beginning and let it flower as soon as it could. This light will get you a single plant all the way through, but just not a huge one. In a space of 1ft x 2ft or 1.5ft x1.5ft.
A Mars Hydro TS600 is cheaper but less efficient. It will do the same thing with older lesser quality diodes but it is only 60 bucks right now. Note it has no dimmer like the HLG 65.

We as a community want you to succeed and that’s why we discourage cheap lights. Its the single most important piece of equipment to be successful. As long as you don’t expect to grow a forest with an inexpensive light you can get it done.


Thank you all so very much happy growing

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Happy Happy canniversary there brother!
Hope you have a highly productive day! :tada::gift::birthday::+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


I scooped 4 of these:

for… wait for it… $14 each (just how…)

I tested and confirmed its 65W at the wall, 560 PPFD @ 12", and it has UV and far red diodes.

I had to bypass the stupid remote…

Will setup a 2x2 in part of my 4x8 flower tent. 260W of LEDs for $56 … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Skid2 refurbished is a great route for you to pursue with the limited budget. Lighting imho is by far the most important thing you contribute to the grow. Poor lighting = poor flower development


Amen! Didn’t think about refurbed

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I gonna go with medic mini sun 2 any intel about this light

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Call HLG, ask what kind of refurbs they have in stock. Their 150 Patriot was mentioned, I picked up a refurb on one of those in October, plus they honor % off sales on their refurbs, if you can wait. I ended up paying $90 out the door with a sale. It’s a much brighter, clearer light than the 150 watt “Amazon” light I bought over 1.5 years ago.

I completely understand the poor part. Im also on a tight budget. I use many cheaper options for my grows but I will agree with everyone else. When it comes to lights I dont think its brand loyalty or a case of mines bigger and better. It truly is that many of the cheaper lights just will not grow or flower a plant. If your like me you dont want to just waste your money and that is very possible with lights I for sure done it the first time myself. I second the samsung diodes recommendation.

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oh sorry, I didnt see where you had asked about a specific light. I dont have anything to offer knowledge wise about that light. I should have read all comments better.

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Says 320w puting in 2×2 area fortune cookie in coco

This is what I would do

LM301 Samsung diodes are the best right now.
301H is top tier, 301B is only slightly less efficient.
Don’t believe everything amazon or the reviews say.
There are several growers here that will show Spider Farmer is for real.
HLG (Horticultural Lighting Group) is one of the best right now.
Lots of amazon lights are nothing but scams.