Need tips on LED lighting


If you get the 23 watt big curly CFL, like at WalMart, you need two per square foot. For a 3 x 3 tent, you would need 18 of them. So 18 bulbs, 18 sockets, reflectors so most of the light goes down. This is why people spend money on lights! You can get ViaVolt 1-Light 400-Watt HPS/MH White Grow Light System with Timer/Remote Ballast and Reflector at home depot for $179. Much less hassle.

If you have a 4 x 4 tent, then you would need 34 of those CFLs! Or an 800 watt HPS kit.

So what I would suggest is you make a much smaller grow space inside your tent with big white painted cardboard sheets or a tall 2 x 2 box. If you make a 2 x 2 space, you can still grow one plant with just 9 of those CFLs. You can make your own reflectors, again using white painted cardboard.


Hi, back again with an update. Transplanted from solo cup and it’s now day 22. TP at 16 days due to roots protruding. She is now on her 4th node(see photos) but she is still only 3.5imches tall.
Am I still in the seedling stage with her?
Should I top her soon, I was thinking tomorrow but I said I would ask the experts first.
Also, leaves look a little droopy but they were more flat a couple of days ago while I was away.
Oh the questions


Cheers @dbrn32


I think most people start topping at 10 inches tall.


My bad @1BigFella topped her at an early stage for a newbie grower. 4th node.

This baby is less than a month old, pH and other accessories are not of an optimum level.
24 days old, seedling or early veg?
Topped either way


This is a hardy species. As long as it has some leaves left, you can top it and it will recover at any size. I wouldn’t do it in the flowering stage, but in veg it can recover amazingly fast. I actually cut the top 10 inches off a big plant still in veg (maybe 12 stems), and it recovered incredibly so now I have a 6 foot plant with about 30 colas developing.


@dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @1BigFella

Initial leaves about to drop off, that’s would be first day of veg yeah??
All sorts of new growth since topped.
Climate now as optimum as I can, 25.9C and 59%RH
Check out this pic and give feedback.
Oh, noticed a little burn on one leave


I usually consider them in veg after a couple sets of nodes. Which probably would’ve been before you topped. Not really sure about everyone else, or what the standard is though.


I just go by how they look. I guess the standard is 3 nodes to be out of the seedling stage.


Just going by Lex’s World, NW Jay and loads of YouTube content. I’m gonna make mistakes, won’t learn otherwise.
Should I start Day 1 veg from today??
@Bigfella @Myfriendis410
What stage, sorry, wee bit stoned :slight_smile:


I don’t understand what you’re asking? As far as following a calendar, feeding, adjusting lights, or what?

As far as I would be concerned, that plant has been in veg for at least a week maybe almost two already. And by that, I mean not a seedling. But when you start veg is really trivial. Outside of saying you have a 3 foot tall bush that you’re trying to say has only been vegged 4 weeks or something. Or if you’re looking to throw plants into flower as soon as they’re mature enough. It’s just a random number otherwise.


Sound, probably trying to hard. A lot of differing info out there.
I have her in my journal as being in veg fro 16th day after sprout.
Top man


Exactly what @dbrn32 said! You are going to manage photos for the final canopy height and really don’t need to say today is the day. I agree they have been in veg for one or two weeks. If you wish to adhere to a nutrient schedule then that would be your day one. You can veg for two weeks or 12 months. Once flower starts you are on the clock.


Cheers mate, she’s a bit small but then again, what do I know


I don’t doubt that, that’s kind of why I asked. Depending on what you’re trying to do, there’s probably several correct ways of doing it. And a lot of wrong ways too.


If you need to limit the height of the finished plant, keep in mind most strains double in height during flowering. So flip to 12/12 when it’s half as high as your light can go with some space for the plant-to-light distance. For example, if you can handle a 42 inch tall plant, then flip to 12/12 when it’s 21 inches tall.


Sorry buddy just saw your posts if you need me tag me by putting the @ symbol in front of my user name this will notify me
Otherwise i may not know your looking fir me
Seems you been getting plenty of good advice tho :+1:
Again sorry for delay @EmeraldGrow


@dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @Countryboyjvd1971 @1BigFella Thanks folks, your advice and help is much appreciated.
She’s healthy and looking good since I topped her. Stem is thickening up nicely and both new nodes look strong
One thing I noticed, a little yellowing on the tip of the lower leave.
Cheers again and no doubt the I be back with more.
Need to post my journal soon


Why crinkled mylar?


So it’s more of a diffused reflection instead of direct.