Need the Grow Bible!

I’m new to this growing -received my WW seeds this week, so now I’m trying to download the Grow Bible but it never downloads on my phone. I’ve sent them an email about how I’m not getting the download but received the same instructions as on website in email. Do you have to have a laptop in order to receive it? Anybody got ny ideas how I can get this Book? Thank for the help…

@Aquaponic_Dumme posted this in another thread yesterday. Hopefully the links work being copied @macmomma

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Sorry for the inconvenience, and trouble with the email.

Here’s links to the PDF versions:
Book 1:

Book 2:


Doesn’t look like the links work. Try this

Continuing the discussion from Grow bible-why cant i get it?:

Other wise maybe @Aquaponic_Dumme can hook you up.

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Links fixed :slight_smile:


You are awesome! Thanks a bunch for the help with getting the Grow Bible! The link worked perfectly. Now I’m on my way… lol

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Thanks so much! You guys rock! Link works great!