Need sum new eyes on this white rhino

I think I’m losing this girl, it looks worse under the burple lights, I’m seeing lots of yellowing, 12 weeks of flower, 3 gal pot, been treating it as a mag def, but nothing seems to help. Using gh nutes at 100%. Feed, feed, water. Ph 6.7. Ppm in 900, out. 6.5. Ppm 900-1100, soil getting real hard, ordered sum yucca, also have a new light on the way, hortoculture 600 h, currently there is a vilision 1200w over it,


Looks like a magnesium deficiency to me

Epson salts to lil run off 4 days ago, today 1 gal of water with 10mil flower, 3-2-2,

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I think you might be building up salts as your runoff PPM’s are higher than inputs. Tips are burning also. Might want to back off nut strength a bit or do a complete flush with water as you may be locking out. You pH’s are good so maybe the Epsom salts may help with the yellowing, but again that could be nute lockout. Just make sure you pH everything before it goes in.


Should I flush till my run off is about 500 ppm, or am I flushing 9 gals through it?

Given your soil is really hard suggesting salt buildup, I would do a flush with water 2x your pot size. Measure runoff at end and then refeeds with fresh nutes(w/cal/mg) (runoff+new nutes= 900-1000PPM.)

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Ok, got thx, these are my flower nutes at 100% per the chart. 10 mil Bloom 2-4-4, 2.5 mil biobud .5-0-1, 5 mil cal mag 1-0-0, 10 mil bio marine 2-3-1, , do you see anything lacking or excessive in this ? Feed, feed water , 11 days in flower, the other 3 plants are doing fine on this schedule,

I just caught sumthing in you last post, run off pm, I’ve never knew that I had to add that to the feeding ppm, so wonder I don’t have more problems goin on. Ehhhsh

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The soil continues to contribute to the nutes so yes you have to subtract what they are contributing from your feed so you dont overdose. Over time the soil will absorb nutes from the feed as well, so you have to take this into consideration also. I use GH so I am unfamiliar with your nutes. Use your nutes to control the pH in the soil by pHing to 6.5. Water alone cannot be utilized for controlling soil PH since it does not contain any buffers.

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Which bottles? And 100% according to which recipe?

100-200ppm over what you’re putting in isn’t ridiculous. What are you using for soil?

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Go box, gen organics, early flower

Ok, flushed about 8 gals of 6.5 water, last runoff was 200, fed nutes 884 ppm + 200ppm runoff =1084 ppm, Runoff from nutes. 440 ppm ph 6.8 , I think she ll be happy now. Are those good numbers?

Numbers look good. Soil is absorbing the nutes going in and runoff is lower then input. PH is appropriate for soil. New growth should look better. Older growth may not improve due to previous damage.

Thank you for he help, going to try and get some pictures with the scope today,