Need suggestions on how to stop from hitting light

I can’t or it will snap lol :disappointed:

Zkittlez and thank you so much again!

Well the photo Version is an eight week flower time on average. I never know how auto flowering times compared to photo flowering times. Some sources say they flower faster, then you read plenty of anecdotal reports were they seem to take a whole lot longer. I don’t have direct experience with this strain so I don’t know what you should expect as far as flowering time.

I’d recommend searching around on the forum for other people who have grown zkittles auto. I know there’s definitely a few. I’ve seen some of those grow journals. Tag them here in this thread and I’m sure someone can give you a good idea of how long theirs have taken to flower.

Based on what I’m seeing i’d be anticipating at least another three weeks quite possibly more. That gives you some time to get prepared. Do you have a magnifying lens? If not get some thing that is at least 60 X on Amazon so you can start checking trichomes in a few weeks. That’s going to be you’re number one indicator for when your plant is ready to harvest.

Your plant looks healthy. Clearly you’ve been doing fine so there’s no need to do anything different than what you’ve already been doing in my opinion. Definitely some things that you can change next time around but you’ve got time to think about that.

I’d recommend reading up on LST which will help you manage your plants height next time around.

Also read up on some options for water. In my opinion distilled water is sort of a last resort if you really can’t do anything better. Perfectly honest here, I would rather (and have) Scoop water out of a stream with a 5 gallon bucket to water plants rather than using distilled.

Again, no need to change what you’re doing right now. You are a few weeks away from a successful harvest and as long as you keep doing what you’re doing you’re going to get there. Next time around with some proper training methods on the plants you’ll be able to have a fairly even canopy and can keep your light closer to the plant and you’ll get much bigger yeilds. All good stuff to think about sometime next month when you’re kicking back smoking your own homegrown

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Holy moly, sorry for the novel. That’s what you get when I start replying to threads with a cuppa coffee and half a joint at 8o’clock in the morning


My leaves are lighter colored and the tips are curling up what should I do?


You have helped so much thank you!

It looks like a little light burn. I’m dealing with it too. Just gotta try and get some space between the plant and light.

Here’s what I had to do last night

Slid the light all the way to the left and put my plants in height order left to right shortest to tallest.


So I did that and I lowered my actual power of the led light. But I don’t think I have enough room between the light and the colas?


Without a meter it’s impossible to know if you’re in the zone or not. Maybe @dbrn32 can suggest a meter or give you some thoughts on dimming it.


I suspect maybe something else going on.

All 3 areas i circled seem to have similar looking leaves. The bottom are a lot further from light than top, I wouldn’t expect this to be the case for light intensity damage. But it would be in line with a ph lockout or nutrient deficiency. Once your leaves start to show some necrosis they are a lot more susceptible to being damaged from light too.

I would venture to say your soil wasn’t capable of supporting this plant through harvest. Probably should have been getting fed at least a few weeks ago.



How we looking? And what should I do?

@dbrn32 can I not harvest it then? Or will I be okay?

Is it ready to harvest? Hard to tell from picture up there, but seems kinda early from what I see. My comment last week was trying to indicate the plant should have been getting nutrients, not that you needed to harvest it.


No sir from what I see it’s not. Just was more asking if I would be okay to still harvest and use at the end?


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Let it go then. Watch for the remaining white pistils to turn colors and start to recede, then take a look at conditions of trichomes under magnification if possible. Pay extra attention to trichomes on the buds, and when you see them cloudy to small amount of amber it will be ready to harvest.

You gotta start checking the trichomes to see if it’s ready or not.

Ready or not ready?

Def close. Nows the part where you gotta check your trichomes. Some guys are able to zoom in with their phones to see but I always use a 60x magnifier.

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I look at the trichomes with the magnifier how to I determine the right coloring almost all the hairs are orange? @Deez

This chart is a great reference.