Need suggestions on how to stop from hitting light

How do I stop this from happening? Please any help first grow…


It is called super cropping. Bend that sucker in half and support the top. If you lose the colas at least you have the rest of the plant. If you try to save only the colas, the rest of the plant will be fluff because it is too far from the light. The very bottom of the plant won’t be much either way. You need the keep all of the flowers / colas the same distance from the light (as much as you can).
Learn LST and HST like topping so this does not happen to you again. If you want to grow single cola plants, get a lot of side lighting and 10’ ceilings


Any video suggestions or tutorials on how to do sorry… and thank you! @beardless

Definitely agree with @beardless.
You tube is full of them. Search super cropping.

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Yeah you gotta bend that bad girl over and lower the light. You look far enough into flower that if you just try and LST it you’ll probably snap the stem. You gotta soften up the spot you’re gonna make the bend by gently crushing the stem between your fingers until it’s ready to fold down. I’d make like a 90 degree bend with that right at about the middle and just go sideways with it.

Next time around you wanna keep the light closer to the top of the plant so it doesn’t stretch so much.



that’s what we tried hopefully it works and we’ll give updates if you don’t mind?

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Get a string and tie it down so it stays there and dont try to stand back up. Next time try and keep the loght lower to the plant as a baby to keep the node spacing tighter. Try and keep a inch or slightly over between nodes and the plant will grow big ass colas and not single size buds. But tie it down dont tie the string tight around the stalk leave it like a 2 inch lasso around the stalk as to not choke it out. Just slight tension on the string to keep it from standing back up. Good luck

Well done.

I can’t see the top of the cola in the pic - its cut off - is the top touching that motivational poster? If so you actually would want to tie it up just enough that its suspended freely and not touching. IMO there’s enough plant above the bend that unless you’re putting viagra in the water I doubt its gonna stand back up on its own :smile:

You appear to have some sort of watering issue starting as well on the top right buds. Not sure if that’s just simple overwatering or something that needs correcting with your water - pH is off or it almost looks like what you’d see if watering with softened water or municipal water without letting the chlorine off-gas

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@Mark0427 was right on that, tie it down more.

You can do a second bend it in if you soften up the stem carefully - just don’t snap the top off



How we doing?

Little bit of light bleaching on the upper fan leaves. If you can bend the top more I’d say go
For it but if you feel like you’re just gonna break it I’d say you’re better off letting it ride.

Looks like the start of N deficiency on the very lower leaves but depending on timing and your medium you might be fine to leave it. What’s your medium and how far into flower are you?


Not to sound like a noob but I got the a pot for pot setup but I’m pretty sure it’s coco husk.

Im 10 weeks into flower as well from what I know.

No worries, everyone’s a noob at some point. Then you aren’t!

I don’t really know much anything about that pot for pot stuff either. I think it’s basically a super soil mix but I’d have to do a little more reading to be confident. Sorta surprised to hear you’re 10 weeks into flower

What is it you are growing? Is it auto or photoperiod?

It is a super soil mix!

Also a auto and is it okay that I’m using distilled water? I am letting it sit in the open for 24-48 hours before feeding and feeding every 48 hours. 1 and a half liter.

Also @Deez 10 weeks is the total time grown for this auto

If you were buying distilled water you don’t need to let it sit before you use it. The reason some people let their water sit before they use it is if it is municipal sourced tapwater which contains chlorine. When you let it sit out on the counter for 24 hours the chlorine dissipates.

I’ve never had to use distilled water so I don’t have any experience to share.

You say feeding… what are you feeding?

And when you are saying it’s 10 weeks - is that 10 weeks from the seed sprouting or 10 weeks from when you saw the first flowers?

I ask because those flowers don’t look anywhere near done

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10 weeks from seedling

Also I am just watering the soil is supposed to be able to support the full auto grow.

Also thank you for all the help! So I should be good with distilled water? The ph is actually 6.0

And it’s starting to look really good! Should I change the light schedule or keep 18/6?


Any idea when you saw the first flowers? That’s when you want to start counting your days of flowering. Most autos flower at about 4-5 weeks. So it’s not crazy to think you’re 5 weeks into flowering. What strain is it? You’ve got at least another 3 weeks minimum to my eye, maybe more.

Keep the light schedule the same

Might as well keep doing what you’re doing with the distilled water - its been working so far!

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Ooo 3 weeks left? You gonna have to bend it to your will