Need suggestions on a strain?

Planning next grow. 4x2x5 tent, Hlg 260xl lights, soil grow with (most likely) FFOF and FFOF neuts, 5 gal pots (or bigger if a benifit) , do have decent airflow in and out. Of course I have the Aperia20 Ph pen and adjustment fluids. Seriously considering scrog net. One or 2 plants only due to space. Soo if that’s enough info for ya… help.
Want very high thc as it seams I build a tolerance quickly, need rather bushy and not so tall due to tent height, so an indica or hybrid as long as not too tall. Not difficult to grow as I’m a greenpea. Oh ya photo type and FEMINIZED! as well. If I’ve mised some info you need let me know. Thanks suggestions needed!

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@Bogleg you could help

Sounds like you got the right ingredients for a nice grow tent! Good luck!

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Tall plants can be managed with training. @TDubWilly grows in 2x4 tents and can probably provide some guidance. I think ILGM Blueberry would be a good strain.


I’m in my second grow, first one I flew by the seat of my plants, resulting in beautiful plants and buds that went to shiit after harvest, fluffy crap that smelled good but crap none the less. I made so many mistakes I lost count ( after reading for about 6 months here my mistakes became evident. Soooo I reset, spent some money for "good lights, soil, nuts etc. Now I almost know what I’m doing (not) but reading and learning every day (thanks to ya’ll) and due to financial shortfalls I have to buy over time bit by bit so when I have what I need I can get it started. Seeds first I guess.

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@Audiofreak…suggest you take a strong look at the White Widow sold here. 10+10 sale deal is on most of the time. read the write up…might be what you seek. Or, check out Gorilla Glue…surprisingly rewarding.


You should just go over to the ilgm website and take a look at the stains. All the information your asking about is laid out in a nice neat format over there.

I grow in 2x4x5’s and I don’t take a look at any of that anymore. I grow anything I want in them, even large sativas. Just harvested an NYC diesel which is described on the website as a large, hard to grow strain, but I don’t let the plant do what it wants instead I make it did what I want through aggressive manipulation and training of the plant, something I highly suggest you familiarize with growing in tents that size.

I also scrog everything nowadays butt the tents also make great sea of green tents but I would drop down to one or three gallon pots if your gonna do that and I will say, if your gonna be at the house everyday to tend to the plants, then doing 8 plants in one gallon pots will be about the easiest grow being a newbie. You won’t have to train or scrog hardly at all while getting a good yield in a very quick turn around time and all you have to do is water. It will also give you the opportunity to sample 8 different strains at once and then you well have a better idea of what you like to grow and smoke.

I don’t grow this way at all because I’m never at home. I choose bigger pots and less plants combined with self watering systems and I scrog them but is I was home all the time I would be doing what I described above in my 2x4’s

I’ve seen the 10/10 deals but at 2 plants per grow, that’s a crazy amount of seeds for me. 5 would take me thru 2 grows with one seed left over.

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Can’t conceive more than 2 plants in my tent, the 2 I have now 4/5 week of flower is filling the tent left to right and front to back as it is. Just a little LST and I’m touching the sides with branches all over.

@Audiofreak I hope you don’t mind me using some of the bandwidth on your thread. @TDubWilly what kind of auto watering system do you use?

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Your shortest high THC photoperiod plant will be Grandaddy Purple. If you want to try training a tall plant to be short, there are four strains with higher THC. You can see the list sorted from highest THC to lowest here:

Been doing DWC, moving into living soil with autopots and I am watering them when they’re young with the bluemat Junior

You don’t dream small enough.

A sea of green system grows smaller plants. It makes makes up yield by having more plants. And like I said they would be in one gallon pots.

Many times a sea of green might only veg a couple of weeks

I’ve had as many as 11 in mine

That gdp looks good on paper (seed store)

As stated earlier I’m a greenpea. I have no clue what you just said. DW what, autopot???, and the rest. LOL got to research those terms.

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It would be good to do.

Many different growing styles out there and you might find that one growing style your minute particularly suited with

That’s a little “down the road” for me as I’m too green to go to that level with my current experience. Just 2nd grow and playing with a little LST. Need to just grow something I can smoke at this point, then I can start playing with “advanced technics”.

Chemdawg short stout plant with huge return.

Easy to grow hard to fuck up

And I’d try to clone the plants before switching to flower, like right before. So lollipop and use undergrowth as new starters.

Keep any seeds in a nice sealed jar stowed away for those “oh shit I just killed everything” moments