Need suggestions for a spot to hang for drying

Need some suggestions about where to dry harvest.
I’m within a week or 2 until harvest. This is my first grow and it’s outdoors. I live in South Carolina and we don’t have any basements. I thought maybe one of the closets BUT my wife disagreed!
It’s still pretty warm here (90).
I have one of those plastic Rubbermaid cabinets in the garage, that spot any good to hang while drying?


I just harvested and used my garage making use of shelves to hang and lay it on, also used hangers with clips and a light weight hanging drying rack, I started Monday hanging and finished today with it in jars what a hard job it was…


Depends on your humidity and temp in the garage. My garage sits at about 84* and 65% humidity. Both too high for my liking. I’d stick a hygrometer in your garage cabinet to see where it’s at. Looks like you’re closer to 4 weeks out so you have time to find something.


I use a closet for drying. I don’t have the space for another grow tent to be used for drying. We have no basement nor garage so the closet is my only option.

So if you have the space, get a small grow tent.


Get some boxes cut a square 2inches should be good. on the top and bottom of the box opposite side of each other. Either drill holes or poke through with a screwdriver if you dont have a drill. It’s a cleaner hole with drill imo. Anyways put string through holes. Its easier if you have measuring tape so your string racks are lined up for easy hanging. :grin: don’t over stuff the box make the string have some space between them. They have food grade boxes and I wipe the boxes with alchohol before use. Just a suggestion. Hope it makes sense.


I watched a video where the person took decent size boxes, ran twine through them. I have link here. I’m thinking about trying this myself soon.

the plants this guy grows are unbelievable.

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I was able to use a 2x4x60" grow tent. Placed under ac vent in bedroom and used low airflow 4" line and flilter/blower motor for $25 on Amazon. Carbon Filters (for smell) are $35, but can also buy warranty so if they mess up. Tent was $89. Kept it at 50rh & 70°. Ac in home cool about MB room cooler, just happens to work great.

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Getting a tent setup properly would be good idea. Or building something like posted above. You want to maintain temp and rh in proper range.

We have 2 bathrooms one with a garden tub we both hate. So it became our dry room.

Think I’m gonna try the cardboard box method.
I’m going to get one of those wardrobe boxes from uHaul, put it out on my porch with some ventilation holes and a fan inside. Temps should start to drop within the next 2 weeks.
This way I won’t have to listen to any shit from my wife about the odor.

I’ve done the box thing but used plastic totes Instead.