Need sparky help to set up air con

Hey guys new to all this blog stuff but I need help. Just built a 120chippy0x1200 grow room. Im in australia so In a couple of months Im gonna need air con to keep my area at temp. So I bought a second hand portale air con and a temp control unit with a sensor probe to operate it outside the grow area. PROBLEM!!! When the temp unit switches off the aircon it wont restart again coz the air unit goes back to standby mode. I have included a photo of the wiring diagram on the air unit. I am a chippy not a sparky but if someone can give me an idea to bypass the board and maybe power the relays to operate it. Summer is coming so Im gonna need cooling for sure.

Some units are like that to prevent on/off damage. You can try bypassing the brain but that creates a hazard when electricity is momentarily disrupted, I always like to test the unit first to see if it has this unwanted and crippling feature.

I would look for another unit, but test it this time by unplugging it and plugging back in. If it starts, good, if it sits there and acts stupid, walk.

I would recommend a split unit that comes fully charged (but needs nitrogen leak test after installation and vacuum down before releasing the refrigerant. It’s ideal when you want the AC compressor outside the room. I don’t know if they restart on their own or not.

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Cheers shatter. Looks like I’m walking. Looks like I wasted$100. I’ll have to cut my losses and buy a second hand window AC. Or a split. Another peice of crap for the garage

I’m suddenly in the same boat mate, mine layed down after only 2 weeks brand new, course I can’t find receipt… @%#&$**@ ladies are best ive had also, till this heat scorches them…


Nice looking girls okie! Dude there has got to be a way to operate the fan and compressor independently of the board. Been to 4 aircon places, don’t want to know. Tried appliance repair people,nothin…
The unit actually works really well, fan bearing sounds a bit rumbly but who cares. I’m no sparky but I’ll give it a go. If fry something … not me…
I’ll throw it in the skip

@peebee, I always check them first, I’ve got a couple “no starters” sitting in the garage too! I live in the north, motorcycles and AC units have the lowest mileage! Stay away from used snow-blowers!

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Dont want another dead body in the garage. My BSA gets upset with the odour from the ex missus as it is! Gonna try an electrical geek site to see if someone can help me. It works fine so when it wouldnt restart I was shattered (pardon the punn). Gonna give it one more try before I bury it with the ex.


Thats what I need also, my runs in fan mode it just won’t switch to cool mode, I need to try to jump it without myself become a piece of crispy bacon. :rofl::zap:
I use lime around my dog run, takes down the odor, maybe that would help cover the scent your speaking of also :mask:

Just hook it directly to a thermostat and bypass all those ugly transistors and CPU’s, dumber is better! Life was simpler when everything had two knobs, no buttons, and no brain that thinks it knows better!

Good luck with your electrolobotomy, for liability reasons I dare not suggest it, but I was thinking it!