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I had to abort an earlier attempt at a grow room but I am taking the plunge with a 3x3 tent. It will be in my bedroom and does not need to be hidden at all. Discrete as it can be but not anything special lol. I am currently stuck at lighting as many seem to be. Quantum boards seem to be the new thing since I last worked on this plan so there are more options now. My original idea was a viparspectra 600w reflector series for my tent. $169 would be the higher end of my light budget for now. I am curious if a qb setup would be “better” or cheaper for me. @dbrn32 I know is an expert in lightning but just wanted to see if my original idea is still valid or if I need to investigate something new lol. I’m not trying to break any grow records, just trying to have successful grows.

My second issue is how many plants to grow in my tent. I was thinking 3 in 3 or 5 gallon cloth pots but will do more or less as suggested.

Thanks in advance for any advice. It will be my first grow but I’ve done research and follow the forums here fairly regular. I appreciate all the info I’ve found here.

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Qb’s won’t be cheaper but they will be better, by quite a bit. Standard setup in a 3x3 is the xw 260 kit. If you don’t mind a little assembly you could do 4 of the qb 120’s on hlg-240 and save a little cash.


I can say from experience the following works:
3 autos in 3g works
2 photos in 5g works better

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Would you advise trying photos for a first grow? I feel fairly confident either way lol but definitely don’t want to screw it up.

Photos are way more forgiving. If you make a mistake you have longer time to wait for things to work out. Pretty much anything you do negatively affects yield in autos. Though, I have to admit I’m pretty biased when it comes to photos.


Thanks for the advice guys. I will weigh the input when making the final decision.

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