Need some opinions on a light please

Plc is good stuff. You can probably do something similar cheaper if you don’t mind sourcing parts and assembling yourself. If you don’t want to do that, light you’re looking at is inline with higher end stuff.

And I definitely agree with the others, stay away from standard amazon blurple lights.

How “used” are they? @$375 the cxp420 is only $100 off the new price… pic doesn’t even make them anymore. Not that the technology is out of date, but there are better (efficiency & spectrum) cobs out there.

Drinkslinger they are said to be 10 months old and " supposed to be 1/2 retail (according to seller)" so was just wondering if they are “real” good lights or just another brand trying to make money. Their site seems to be selling 500/1000.00 lights. Price wise simular to HLG just trying to evaluate their value and quality in comparison.

I can’t seem to find the source for pricing again. Perhaps I misread something. $375 may indeed be half price (which is what used lights should be). I actually can’t find too much about them.
I’m sure the plc lights are very good; certainly miles ahead of amazon blurples.

Technology races forward, so 2 year old models that were cutting edge are replaced with more efficient better spectrum units.

Yaa that’s my concern, for that money I can get a 100+ w hlg new and I would just 2 maybe 3 at most to get me where I would like to be. And the cost between them just isn’t enough too take a chance on used. At a under 100.00 maybe! I think I will be patient and save or sell some audio gear I have and fund it that way. Anyone into "high end audio? LOL!

As the man said

If you have basic skills diy lights are the way to go.
I just bought 2 288v2 qb’s w/heat sink slate from hlg, sourced a driver, and assembled the whole thing in under and hour. That’s about 240w for about $250. :+1:

I built my 104w eb light strip unit for about $105. It’s comparable to the hlg 100qb. DIY with bridgelux eb strips

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That appears to be the way to go as I have the requisite skills. What would be good for a 2x4x5 tent 23 plants

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23 plants in a 2x4x5’?

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OOPS that’s 2/3 plants LOL


What kind of budget do you have to work with?

Ha. I was trying to picture cramming all those plants into that little tent.
It shouldn’t be too hard or expensive to light that sized tent. I see dbrn32 has you covered. :+1:

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I will be ordering 1 light at a time probably. So I’ll have to do some pricing around. Budget will be “what it costs” will just break it up in 2/3 purchases.

Ok. I was going to suggest 4 of the qb 120’s on an hlg-240h-c2100a driver. But that would be one large light and no way to really break up cost any.

I would follow this and build 2-3 of them total.

My thinking was multiple smaller as opposed to one bigger light might be more versital as for placement in the tent, but for sure allows me to buy as I can. Piece by pice so to speak.

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Not a bad way to look at it. Four of those qb 120’s would physically cover half of square footage too, so not really a downside to that either.

While we are there… can 3/4 boards run from one driver or better to have all separate drivers?

Four of the qb 120’s can run on a single hlg-240h-c2100a. You can also run them individually on several different drivers.

As a general statement, it usually depends on the board and driver.

I was thinking of 2x qb288v2 with separate heat sinc’s??? Not sure of the driver but do like separate control.

Hlg-120h-54a was the driver they sent with v1 288 qb135 kit.

About 400.00 I guess when all is done.