Need some more experienced help!

My plants are in about week 6 of flower I know eventually they are going to start losing color in the leafs. I’m a first time grower and I have no idea on when to flush or when harvest is in the proper time. I’ve been growing in coco with perlite, I’ve added worm castings and guano as well as epsom salt and molasses. I have stopped giving it all of this and just plain water ph’d at 6.5-6.8. Doesn’t seem like the bud is growing in height anymore, but I have noticed it’s growing in width. I looked at the tricomes and on the flower they are about 75% milky and 25% clear (not exact just estimate) and the leaves have about 10% amber tricomes. Not all the hairs are brown and I see new hairs still growing. I guess I’m trying to say is my plant healthy or does it have a deficiency? And when should I harvest and flush. I’d really appreciate any and all help. Thanks in advanced and here are some pics :slight_smile: gorilla glue, Bruce banner and GSC all sutoflower seeds from ilgm.


When all pistils have turned and receded. Start checking trichomes. When they are where you want milky for energetic high amber for couch lock high. Flush when they are ready then set in darkness for 48 to 36 hrs

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You have atleast 3 to 5 weeks to go

ok thanks for the info but could you also tell me why my leaves on the second plant in pictures above have droopy light yellowing leaves and they are also starting small brown spots on some areas. is it a deficiency or is this ok to be hapdurring this stage ?

Forgot dont go by trichs on the leaves. They mature faster. Ive never grown in coco but looks like a Ndeficiency. What are you feeding?

cal-mag, molasses, 284 bloom, bat guano, worm castings, epsom salt and occasionally, beastie bloomz.

Maybe a lockout. Whats ph

i had flush it out a little bit because i noticed that it could be that so the run off was 5.8 so i got it to a good 6.3 i recently got the ph balanced 2 days ago

6 weeks from flip to 12/12 or 6 weeks into flower? Auto? If it’s not auto, flower time is after transition which averages 2-3 weeks from when you flip to 12/12.

Sorry 6 weeks into flower

and if you read it at the bottom i say its an auto flower :slight_smile:

So you did. Musta skimmed over that. Anyway. The photo I linked is true for any.

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