Need some moral support 😉

The time has come to harvest my first grow. I am finding it difficult to cut down my girls. I have nurtured them for months and spent hundreds of $$$$$ on them. And now I have to butcher them.

Is this a common feeling…or does it get better once the buds are cured?



I for one can’t wait to be chopping down :slight_smile:


I understand the attachment to your plants but this is what you worked for and spent so much time and $$$ on
Tell them you love them and then cut them down and start drying :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:
You’ll be ok once you have some quality smoke in your hands :grin::grin::grin::grin:
Your almost at the best part


They can’t do their job unless you harvest them! Circle of life!

But yeah we get it. Thank her for her service and do what you have to do.


A few one time or another we have all felt the same way brother
You’ll be ok



You feel so bad when you have to cut them down but you will be so happy with your final product have any pictures to show we love to see pictures

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First pic is what came from my badly PH burned plants. The second pic is a White Widow cola from the other WW seeds from ILGM.

This is the best looking one.


Very nice injoy

Glad you worked up the courage to chop them down :wink::+1:
You’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor before you know it enjoy bro



Did you weigh it before you hung it?
Wondering what wet weight is

I will in a couple hours.

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9.3 oz from 2 plants. This was stem and all.

geez thats pretty good! Let us know when you get it all cured up the dry weight. Good stuff! I wish I was hacking mine down today, but Ive still got a long ways to go!

Can you leave the main stem and re Veg? I’ve heard that it’s possible, and the roots are already developed so the growth is faster… true? Or does this not work…

I took some cuttings from lower branches and rooted them. They are about 2 weeks in and growing. They look really strange currently, but that is what is expected from what I have read.

As long as you leave some lower branches with leaves on them you can reveg the plant and bring it back to life …although if you’re in soil I would recommend that you don’t because a lot of times bugs will come and that’s just my two cents…


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Mine wilt and look like crap for 10-14 days. After that period they start new growth at the top while sucking the life out of the lower leaves. More vertical and top growth, then the side growth. This is how all of mine have grown so far. I leave the yellow leaves until I’m sure it’s rooted and there’s noticeable growth every day.

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@Majiktoker told me take wet weight and divide by 4.2 and that should be your dry weight or close to it
Maybe he can jump in and confirm method

Take your wet weight and divide by 4.2 it will give you total dry weight

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