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I am looking for an experienced grower to help me plan my next grow. For me space is not really an issue but what the issues are… I want to grow 3-4 plants that will all be in the same schedule. I need a pain reliever in the day and a sleeper for night. My options for seeds that I currently have are 7 auto blue dream, 3 mazar fems, 5 Bruce banner fems, 10 NYC Diesel fems, 5 big bud fems, 5 bubblegum fems, and 3 cherry bomb auto. Although room is not an issue I would like to grow a few that stay the same size or close. Thanks I appreciate your advice


Good thought process…

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These will be a big help to you. Welcome to the family…


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Actually if they are all photo fem plants all can be put in flower at same time and harvested as they are ready it only truly factors if you are trying to cycle space. I prefer what I call selected harvesting not having to trim hang and dry everything at once rather some one week some the next works for me


The reason space is not an issue is I use a spare bedroom. With that being said it’s super hard to have different light cycles. Even the closet in the room gets light leaks… I already tried that. The autos I don’t worry about, would it be smart to do autos together? I would have to order another strain the autos I have are great for night time but I have things to get done during the day, lol


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@Justgrowin it would probably be best to split your space up if you want to do a perpetual grow. That sounds like what you want to do. A small 2’ X 4’ X 5’ tent in the same space will prevent light leaks and allow you to veg a lot of plants. Or vice versa: a larger tent for flower and use the open space for veg.

I grow for pain relief and love the Diesel strain for daytime. That Bruce Banner might be a decent evening med.

As @Donaldj said; you control the light with photos and they will all flower together. They won’t all FINISH together, even within the same strain. Every plant is different. That said; you will appreciate not having all of your plants finish at once! It gets pretty tedious using scissors for 3 solid days lol.




@Justgrowin welcome to the forum I like doing auto throughout all my fem seed grows I just keep them going under 18/6 and under 12/12 I actually prefer my auto under 12/12 after 24 hrs for a week hope that helps some


welcome to the forum @Justgrowin

@ntmaremach has one of the most uniform grows here…i would suggest studying his style some,among others…lol



IMO I would grow a couple of the autos with the bruce banner and a NYC diesel. With the autos they pretty much just want to be left alone so if u plant the autos at the same time as the fems the autos should be close in size to the fems and would be harvested a lil before before the fems which would give your fem plants more time to get ripe into the sleep medicine your looking for. So the autos get harvested at peak potentcy (mostly milky with some amber) for daytime smoke. They all would be on same scheldue but the autos are gonna finish faster. Goodluck and welcome to the forum.


Oh wow u were right she is growing great. Look how happy she looks in her new pot. The leaf coloration is gone too. I pruned the really bad fan leafs so they aren’t taking energy from the rest of the plant. Thanks for the info I will keep this updated as I will put her into flower in 2 weeks. Been in veg since feb 15th does that time schedule sound right for nyc Diesel? Thanks everyone


Ooops forgot the pics. Too many dabs this morning


Realized the lights make it hard to see her sorry


Can u please tell me if I should flower yet or let her get a little bigger? I’ve read this strain can get 5 ft tall. Am I rushing her? @hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971


Lol…we’re always rushing them!!

Just can’t seem to get the bud in the bowl quick enough…


The minimum veg time I usually do this 4 weeks so Anytime after that usually good you can start it sooner even under 1212 if it is too early it will actually not really go into flour until it is ready if you put it in flower too early but you should be fine


Nice set up
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Really nice keep up the good work
Looking forward to this massive grow hope you do a journal so we can all follow along!!


I’m sure I could start to flower but I have never grown inside so nature has always done it for me. Will I be cutting it short for yield if go early or that won’t matter?