Need some input on how she''s doing

I don’t know if this is bad but she has some yellow leaves and some brown wilted ones under her dress, is this bad. Water twice a week, put some nuets for flowering from my cousin.

other than that seems to be doing good. and my others are doing alright except my pup eating a couple leaves. And I got the new addition pope up a couple days ago

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Forgot the little one

I’d say they all look really good! The ones under her dress are probably only yellowing because they aren’t getting as much, or any light. She’s done with them and you can pop them off, or let nature take its course. The tips on the ones look like nutrient burn.

Also, welcome to the forum!

Your plants look fantastic. Don’t sweat the occasional lower fan leaf turning yellow. It’s all normal. If they all start yellowing that’s a different story…

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Thanks I’m gunna keep post’n pic so I can learn from u guys as I go . That away it won’t be to late to save them if something goes bad or I do something wrong this being my first grow and all. Thanks again.

:+1: That one is huge looks like she is fading alittle I have one doing the same. Is urS in early flower?

It started flowering at the end of July beginning of August. This plant has been through alot though, my pup tore a good size branch off the bottom, then a damn gopher, luckily I got him b4 he got to my plant.bit it’s all good so far. Can’t wait till my other four get as big as this one.