Need some help!


Unfortunately I really can’t get it away from the wall unless I get rid of my bed :pensive: I was too anxious to get started and put it up in my bedroom. Once the grown boy moves out I can take over his room. The countdown is on! :smile:


That’s what I noticed… they can’t all be the best so then how do you choose? Talk to the experts of course :smiley:


Careful with that “expert” term, I’m far from that. But I am more than happy to share what I’ve learned, or help anywhere I can.

What’s the chances you could build a light? Either from a kit, or sourcing the parts and assembling? Obviously myself and a few others could help. But something you would feel confident doing if you had some resources? That could save you some pretty serious coin.


Here’s some out of the box thinking!

I’m picturing your tent wedged between your bed and a wall, with opening near foot of bed?

What if you rotated tent 180 degrees, so (I’m guessing) you would have to climb over your bed to get into it. Would that allow your passive intakes to draw air from under your bed? Hardly convenient I’m sure, but would it work for a few weeks?

Or are you about to tell me you have a bed frame that’s solid wood to the floor? Lol!


I just had that same thought - rotating the tent. We’re gonna try that this weekend. Currently the intake is at the top (oops… another culprit, me thinks). That will open another vent as well. I will have to climb over the bed to get into the tent but that’s ok for a few weeks.
Instead of using the T5 in the tent, we’ll try this set up first.

No solid wood frame but the mattress does block the lower intake vent :confused:


My ransom ideas rarely work out haha!

You want to bring air in from bottom and remove air from top if possible. Even if your exhaust fan is near bottom of the tent, keep the filter near top.

The idea is to bring the coolest air possible into the tent bear the bottom, and then pull that cool air up through your canopy. Use the exhaust to remove the warmest air from the top of tent.

Hopefully some tweaking on the system will help at least a little.


@GreenThunder, it looks like @dbrn32 is giving you the goods haha! He is the man for lighting definitely.

Do tag me in to your journal. Be aware though that I’m just another knucklehead growing cannabis so I’m here to learn too. Not least from @dbrn32.


We’re all here for the same reason right. Hopefully we can get him going without shelling out any cash.


@dbrn32, I started off growing cannabis but learned it was actually “P.O.T.”—“Pull Out another Twenty” hahaha! Every time I turn around there’s some cool new thing to get or nutrient schedule to try. Which of course costs $$.


It was a substantial initial investment but $$ was spent prior to growing too :wink: I guess I kinda see it as shifting where the funds are spent :smile:

Decided to stick with the HPS for now and work on better airflow. LED will still be on my radar but I can’t see doubling the investment at this time and not ready for a diy; tho I do like that idea.


I understand! I got caught on the hamster wheel of cheap led’s from Amazon. They work once you get enough of them but you could have done as well with a diy setup for the money. One advantage I have with the smaller units is flexibility and coverage. I have 8 fixtures running in one box that I can turn on and off in any sequence to take advantage of the plants when they are different sizes and stages of life.

I went down a different path and built a grow box out of rigid Styrofoam. It held several advantages over a tent, not least of which was cost.


I would suggest the same if you can make it work. Hence the reason for all the questions. Something to keep in mind is that being a little high on temps isn’t the end of the world either. There’s “ideal” and then the area between there and failure. Most of us reside in that area from one standpoint or another.

I agree 100% with @Myfriendis410. You can definitely go many different routes, but cheaper in the beginning rarely works out to a cheaper happy ending. There are benefits and drawbacks regardless. I would definitely work on what you have for now. If nothing else it should allow you some time to budget for some quality in the future. But you may be perfectly happy with what you have once things are dialed in.


As they say in the trades: “Sometimes, good enough is good enough!” Hahaha.


And I totally agree with the p.o.t!

At $20 it’s not even that bad. I had crazy idea I was finally gonna try hydro couple months ago, have entire canna aqua line sitting in garage. I think I paid $80 just for the liter bottle of boost, and I’m not even using it. That’s the stuff that bothers me.


I’m with you @dbrn32! I’m fiddle-farting around with soil and all FF products there (not cheap) and now branching out into coco with GH products. Waiting for the UPS driver to show up with my Liquid KoolBloom now haha.


I have always used earth juice for soil. Doesn’t seem like a real big thing anymore, but it’s within my comfort zone. Supplemented with hygrozyme, calmag and silica it can get a bit expensive.

I was in slight sticker shock though going with the 4 part canna. Added boost, rizo, pk 13/14, and cannazym. It definitely set me back more than a lot of people would spend. Just hoping it stores well until I can get around to trying it out. Hopefully it will pay off.