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Ok this is my first grow. I’ve done tons of research and I just can’t decide on one thing because you can only really know from experience. Ok so I’ve got a 15x18 grow room I’ve bought 10 Gold-Leaf(fem), 5 sour diesel (fem), and 5 G.S.C (fem). I’m doing a soil grow so Im using a perlite, 6-4-4, garden soil, and top soil mix. I’m starting the ph, conductivy, and moisture retention trials this weekend. And set up the irrigation system. Anyways once the mature a bit I’m going with a ScrOG with additional L.P.T. What I can’t decide on is if I Should go with 6 T5 flouros (8 bulb) or if I should get 5 or 6 1000w hps lights. It seems to me the most efficient ways to grow is a ScrOG is precisely if you manifold the plants a little bit. But I need to know if the HSPs are overkill or if that’s what I want. I’m not cutting corners in the least I just want some fat dense buds that are potent. so some of you experienced growers tell me which ones I need to go with. I want some healthy big ass plants with a lot of grass. I’ve got ventilation climate control, fertigation, dehumidifiers and humidifiers. Think I’m gonna go with a Co2 purge also. Help me out guys


Can’t help you but tagging some that can, @Hogmaster, @Donaldj, and last but not least @bob31.
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If you’re planning on doing all those I don’t think you’re going to have near enough light even with the thousand watt you’re going to need a couple of them and being your first grow doing 20 25 plants it’s a lot of work @Majiktoker @garrigan62 thoughts


It’s just 15 to start and will 5 or 6 be enough? @Hogmaster


I just have the extra 5 gold leaf in case some don’t germinate @Hogmaster


I’m an experienced newbie, new to indoor growing. I started with 5 Cronic Widows in Pto Mix BX with 2 King plus 1200 watt LEDs in a purpose built 4’x8’x8’ room.
Reading a lot and asking for guidance on everything.
I’ve found all the knowledge needed through the fine people here.


Holy smokes!

I don’t want to be a downer, buy you sure are starting off with a full load! Have you started all these seeds? Have you given any thought to starting a couple, and then seeing how everything unfolds?

I’d really hate to see you get bitten by an unforseen problem with that size of a grow. Especially being a new grower in a new room. There always seems to be something that just randomly appears and makes things difficul, even for veteran growers.

To answer your lighting question, if you go with t5’s you’ll be limited to scrog if you want reasonable yeild. Not a terrible thing, but hid lighting will pretty much let you grow any way you like. Just something to think about, plans change all the time. I’m an led guy personally. You could always go with a couple of each and see how they work in your particular room. In a room that size, you could always find something for either of them to do down the road.


Yea I’ve had some friends tell me it might be a bit much but I like a good challenge. And yes I have a few starter plants that I’m going to do first to get my watering and fertilization system down pretty good I won’t start the 15 plants until I understand some of the biology and understand the growing cycles better. @Hogmaster


@dbrn32. So leds are the best option then? I don’t want lighting to be anything of an issue and with HSP lights I can dim if need but if leds are a better way then I’m all for it!


That’s not what I meant, sorry.

Just where the majority of my experience is. They will all grow, and all have their flaws.


@dbrn32. Thanks I’m open to any suggestions. I can only go off what I read and hopefully if I’m careful enough and I can keep my parameters set throughout the grow they will come out good. I just can’t figure out the lighting. I’ve read countless forums and articles and grow journals and I can’t make the decision on what to use


You have a ton of room, and from the sound of it, a very large budget. If that was me personally, I’d buy an hid fixture, and led fixture, and a flouro fixture. Then run a full cycle under each. Maybe you will like the led best, but find a flaw in the particular light you bought. That would allow you outfit the whole room as you see fit, based on your own experience. Without having to do it twice.

Here is what I can tell you based on my experience. If you go with hid and outfit your room at 50 watts sq/ft, you better have darn good control of your ventilation and air conditioning. If you outfit your room with fluorescent, you will be buying more expensive lights later. If you outfit that entire room with high quality led, you better get your checkbook out and be sure you get something you’re happy with.

Just like I said… heat, yeild, cost. Pick your poison blind, or maybe dabble a bit with each of them before you commit to filling your entire room.


Hps is awesome… but maybe I only say that because that’s all I use for flower… :wink:
I use t5 ho’s for veg with crazy results… :wink:
I actually have a ilgm ssh under a 30 watt 4100 Kelvin led flood light with awesome results… :wink:
I might be buying a few of the reladro led’s that @ktreez420 had mentioned for additional overflow lighting for veg… :wink:
But as to your original question , I think hps is the best bang for your buck as long as you can keep your temps in order… I use three 600 watt hps in flower for three 40x60 inch tables with 2 scrogg net’s for each table , one net above the other… :wink:
I’ve been with this Hobby for just about 8 years now and still learn something new everyday so I would suggest a lot of research into this and maybe grow a few plants before you go blow a bunch of money… :wink:
I know more people that have given up on growing then I know that grow… it’s not for everyone… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


There are so many light options out there now it’s unbelievable one nice thing about LED you don’t have to worry about heat near as much as you do any other way I’ve had great results


This is exactly what I mean. You can find guys killing it with all types of lighting. But each of them have their way of going about it. Fluorescent can grow a reasonable scrog. If you ever get tired of running the long veg cycle, you’ll be buying new lights. Something else that comes along with long veg time, is less harvest 's per bulb change. Bulbs aren’t ridiculous. But in that size room, it’s gonna cost a few bucks. Hid will require bulb changes too, but you’ll have significantly less to buy. And last time I knew, mh and hps bulbs individually were cheaper than say 8 high output flouro per fixture. Hid will add to your cooling and ventilation cost. If we’re talking double ended gativa here, you’re looking at $1000 and up per fixture to match that with led.

Shame on me for not asking. What is the layout of the room going to be? Are you filling the entire room with light, or are we talking 6’x3’ tables down each wall with the middle open?


I can get a 600 or 1000 watt magnetic ballast for about $115 to $145 bucks and a 6 or 8 inch xxxxl sealed hood for around $145 to $210 depending on where you shop and a extraction fan for around $75 to $100 bucks… :wink:
Like I said , I don’t use led’s , but that don’t mean that I don’t think they don’t work… I just think I get a bigger foot print and better penetration into the canopy with a hps fixture then I would get from an led… :wink: Let me buy a couple of led’s and maybe I’ll have a different opinion… :wink:

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@peachfuzz we’re on the same page. I was simply throwing out the benefits and draw backs of each type of lighting. You can certainly buy hid lighting considerably cheaper than led watt for watt.

As an led guy, I will object and say the extra $ spent up front will save on cooling costs and probably yeild more per watt consumed. But we both know there are other factors that tell the whole story.



Hope this helps

Horticultural industry standard for HID lights is 50 watts per square foot.

Seedlings and clones require about 400-1000 lumens per square foot.

Vegetative growth requires about a minimum of 2,000 to 3,000 lumens

per square foot.

Flowering requires about 5,000 to 10,000 lumens per square foot,

ideally, and can take possibly much more.

Flowering can be done under 2,000 lumens but is not ideal

and more likely to result in light “airy” buds.



15x18=270 I assume you want space to move between plants of course the optimum footprint of a 1000w HID is 4x4 but can be stretched to 5x5 add a light rail and they max out optimum at about 7x4. I have run 6’ light rail but anything longer than 3’ starts to reduce density unless using side lighting or opposing light rails which I am not basing on theory but experience :wink:
So lets say you were to run light movers on 3’ tracks it increases footprint to roughly 21sqft per light using 6 lights you could use roughly half your floor space this is good math since you will want access around your plants space for fans etc. Also too crowded and air doesn’t move as well between them pests are harder to spot humidity is harder to control.
6 1000w HID’s would be my choice for a space of that size given that I would use vented shades on each 4x6 tables and roughly 18" space from walls for access 8" exhaust min closed loop to cool lights ballasts outside of space and AC
Lol most want to start smaller and build up which is what I would suggest first round through the wringer


To do 20 plants (5) 1000 watt lights should be able to work sufficiently. If doing 15 plants id still go with 5 led panels