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Question from a fellow grower:

I recieved my Feminized Autoflowering blueberry seeds, and I Already
germinated the seeds Via letting the seeds sit in a cup of luke warm
water for a few hours till the Tap root was half inch long. Well my
plants are Maybe 3-4inches above the dirt doing WELL! Its just soil is
remaining wet and Im concerend about root rot. I have drainage holes and
Air holes all through out the SOLO cup. I watered them 2x since they
been above dirt and the soil hasnt dried out. I have them under 2CFL
Bulbs with a fan circulating the air. Its not to Hot/moist or to cold.
Its perfect except the soil not drying out. The CFLS are 3inches away
from the plants. I attatched pictures of my “Set-Up” and the
ventilation/Drainage holes.


Water them less


at this stage you should only be watering them with a spray bottle…3 or 4 spritzes about 3 times a day


Or transplant them, if you’re not happy with the current situation put them in bigger pots


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