Need some help with this light predicament

Hey all. Call into hlg a few days ago. But, i would like some opinions because i can usually screw up when an answer is right in front of me. I took pics of my girls in flower. 2 girls in each 4x4 tent. 1 tents has hlg scorpion far red set at highest click. 14" from canopy. This light does not show any difference from 50% to 100%. This is at 100%. Why is this so off?

The girls are right under lights.
This is a pic of 2 girls in other tent. But, using my Mars hydro 4000, 14" above canapy. These look like better numbers to me.

Usually there’s a setting that you can calibrate it with your ppfd chart for the light


Are you using a phone app for checking light settings?

The no change could be due to the light sensor on the phone maxing out resulting in no difference from 50-100%.

My phones sensor stinks… The Photone app won’t work… MS Surface Duo v1… So I use this instead:

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I use the tent buddy and photone

Hey @beachglass what did HLG tech support say about the lack of power control with the dimmer switch?

I’d run a test at 25% - 50% - 100% for a better perspective of how the dimmer switch is functioning.

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I haven’t heard back yet. I did check from 45 60 and 100. It stays same over 55

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I’ve seen a video on the internet about making adjustments to the pot meter of the meanwell driver. Not sure which version you’re using and probably would proceed with caution anyways.

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Oh my. That’s outta my dept. I thought it would be all good to go for the price. The dimmer is a tiny plastic not screwed in to anything

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Hope i hear something tomorrow. I don’t want to make my girls goofy

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I’ve read a post the other day that HLG would overnight a part if you had an issue.

Sounds they just took your name, number and gave you a ticket number.

Did they issue a ticket number? To track your issue??

Sounds pretty basic issue; dimmer does not respond to above 50% power.

Try dialing your light to lowest dimmer setting. Take a picture of your switch.
Pull the dimmer knob off and slightly rotate clockwise and reinsert.

Maybe the knob is not in proper position.


Cool. I will try that tomorrow when lights back on. Thanks @LateNightGardner

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@LateNightGardner mite have your answer this has come up before @dbrn32 mite be able to help


Hopefully forum has you covered or reach me.
I learned to lick fingers before measuring electricity, years ago.

My HLG came with external dial potentiometer for adjusting intensity output.
RJ-11/12 connection. Forum thread contributor posted home wiring for work-around to some issues (internal dial no fun). HLG 350R interconnection to AC-I Cloudline controller requires special AC-ADL-8 Type B resistor dongle. for UIS intensity control.
Other thread I posted needing UT383 or better light meter not my android phone app measuring and app.
Found it
Android Phone? Photon App?
What does your best outside high noon sunny day sunlight read?
My phone did give similiar conversion numbers, causing me to be mis-lead (falsly secure or foolishly dumb) and not buy the light meter sooner.
I am re-reading, what light?
HLG lighting is probably better than our laymen instrumentation can measure.
I would rather pay HLG for their Scorp D than buy an equivalent costing light meter to figure out is a specific range is doing what.
UT383-BT measures up to 75Klux in my best tent and 100K in sunlight, outdoors.
No clue what spectrum, I want to smoke not think or work.
Not doing well on that plan.
The Kil-a-Watt meter showed all ranges controlled by UIS AC-ADL8-RJ-11/12 Resistor dongle,
just not much change above position 7, up to max 10. I dont run above position 5 (55K/820ppfd)

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HLG 35R Wattage
Correct dongle below

Made replacing easier. especially if the RJ-11/12 connector is present, else internal wireng required.
WEB Sale choices are (previously seen)
Manual dimmer,
RJ11/12 Requires AC-ADL8 type B resistor interconnecting UIS dongle.
That grow-lux or some system connection.
B-3 time
Burn and Bourbon Break

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Perfect. I can work with pictures.

Me too. Blind to the obvious, but always looking for FOD.
Even taught the wife to find and recover FOD
Foreign Object Debris causes Foreign Object Damage.
Nails flatten tires.
140mph needs good tires, blow one at 125MPH
and you will never look at the car without looking at the tires, ANY CAR.
Score two for me. USN and USMC stupids busted for bad tires. Military Chain of Command expects better and teaches better ORM. and Mis-Hap prevention. E7’s did fancy footwork and good tires appeared, magically.They (their family, and all of us) were saved from a much worse incident.

How far does the dial spin?

HLG did a production shift mid marketing, be nice and I am sure they will be nice.
The HLG lights originally may not have connected to AC-I Cloudline Infinity UIS system, but now do.
Hence I ordered manual dimmer, got unit with manual dimmer available to be connected to RJ-11/12 already attached connector (YEAH, no licking or sticking). Once I found the dimmer, separate box matched foam packing and like any kid on Christmas, I lost it, for a while.
Wasted time complaining and retracted after finding NON MENTIONED INVENTORY PART with no manual reference to connection requirements, but round pegs fit round holes, better that square, sometimes.

@beachglass is the dimmer connected to the RJ-11/12 recepticle?

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Give hlg another call they’ll help or replace there great :v:


This sounds like an issue with the dimmer. I don’t have one of these invertronics drivers to play with, but on the meanwell drivers with resistance dimming you could disconnect the dimmer to run light at full power. Not sure if these behave the same, but it’s a thought. My guess is HLG will get back to you soon and make good on any issues.

Something else i wanted to point out, is the design and pcb layout of scorpion light over mars light. Because board spacing on hlg light is likely greater it can cause single point measurements to look askew.