Need some help with sexing

I got a plant. Baby I started training but I notice these under the new growth what are these under the new leafs , sexi organs ??.

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You will want give it a few days, but i’m betting on male.

Lets tag a few others.

@Budbrother @Mrcrabs @dbrn32


I agree with monitoring for a few days.


I like how you worded that.

Post up pics in a few more days and we can see them.


Meant to say see “then”!!!

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I agree, are you under 12/12? or outside?

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Yes I moved it outside because I got nervous about the others. So far I still can’t tell for sure but I think male.

its not a male, well it might be you cant tell yet, when its a male there are little balls that hang off the plant, and loads at the top… and all over the place. when they go into flower generally the whole plant does.

also if its the same seeds as the others generally they should all flower at the same time.

and if the rare chance the male male flowers one or two small flowers and they open and the females are in veg, in theory it shouldn’t be a problem because there is no sex.:wink: but the pollen can hang around so kill before the balls open and dispose of away from your grow.

don’t stress generally when its a male you will know… you just wake up walk outside and go ohh I have to chop half my plants down.

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they are not balls ‘hanging off’ they hang by a little thin twig… they don’t make the balls then hang them all off. it all happens together, that’s just bits and pieces of plant. :grinning:

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My instinct says male, but there are no male parts showing.