Need some help with plants

High everyone I’m Homeychicken from Kentucky, I, m trying my first indoor grow, I’m trying gold leaf and California dream, my plants are getting a spotting brown like :slightly_smiling_face:leaves on them in an indoor green house or tent, I realize I need to vent them so cut a hole in tent and blowing a fan in there and a fan inside tent with door partially opened, they look like there doing better but not sure it’s enough, I’m just using miracle grow and miracle grow soil, would appreciate some good advice, This is a great community and would like to be part of it. Thanks everyone.

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Miracle grow can be a problematic soil, it has slow release nutrients so it can be difficult to stabilize the levels.

Thanks got that fox farms trio on the way, maybe it will help, they’re looking pretty good now, I’ve tried super skunk, didn’t go very well, these are in week 5 and looking better. Think I got it straight. Appreciate you and the community.