Need some help with my ladies. Cherry pie n wedding cake

The plant in the left is cherry pie n the right side is wedding cake. 8 wks into veg n want to flip.

In soil
Nutes Geoflora grow, insect frass, kelp,silica, calmag, fish shit, worm castings. Neem oil.
1000 watt mh.8in. Exhaust fan cooling light


Look good to me, what you need help with?

So what did u need help with there ,ur plants look great

You should definitely flip them , they’ll double + in size they look like they want slightly more light though I’d lower them 2 inches if they’re maxed output

They are gonna outgrow that tent quickly looks great

Look close to the right plant the leafs r looking rusty n left one is getting like patches on leafs. Want to flower but not sick feel me

Look closer i think ur phone screen should let u focus by touching it n widen the pic. I gave them calmag 3 times since the 18th but not looki g any better. ???

That what i was gonna do thank u for the advice happy growing. !!!:seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::sunglasses:

Look a lil closer, im not sure what to do ??

So ur talking about the edges of the leaves the colour change is that right

Yes i was told it looks like mag and calcium deficiency i gave some calmag organic roots and i dont think its clearing up. Should i feed just water for a week or so?

Just water for the next feeding and after that u can give another dose of cal/mag or u can use Epsom salt which will be more magnesium

Thank u n i will for sure do what ur saying makes cents!!

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Glad to help