Need some help with my blueberry OGs

I have them in my aerogarden until the current plants finish. They are in those coco sponges. They were in straight RO but when the discoloration started i added 1/4 tsp of fox farms grow big to a fresh 1/2 gallon of RO, which made the leaves twist, but hasnt stopped the wierd coloring on my leaves…

Arent they too young to be having deficiencies?

Grow big is strong for clones. I use clones solution the first 7 days then transplant around day 7-10

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These are seedlings…but the issue started before i added anything to the water. Arent they supposed to be self-sufficient at this stage?

Are you going to grow in dirt or hydro or DWC?

It will be an aero/hydro setup

Plants started from seed do not need much of anything however growing in coco it has nothing. I start all my seeds in Happy Frog and start them in solo cups.

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I wonder if the bootleg coco sponges i bought caused this lol

Id actually prefer to grow in absolutely nothing. When they go in my aero system, a neoprene collar will be their support system. The coco sponge is really tiny as is just there to give them something to start on.

Ok so then you can’t do it my way to put them in a dish and don’t overwater. I start my hydro seedlings in Rockwood cubes. I have also used D&D propagation cups as well and they work great

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Ok i may have to try that next time. Ill just cut some rockwool to fit in the aerogarden pods. I guess im stuck now and have to hope they pull through whatever they are going through.

Should i switch them back to straight RO? They popped their tap root about 12 days ago, so theyre still babies

I would use the clones solution until you transplant. By week 2 from sprout it should be time to transplant to it’s permanent home

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