Need some help with growth stage

I’m really trying to be self-sufficient and read as much as I can but I’m not sure I have the right answers yet…
This is my first grow, second if you consider the first disaster I had at about 4 weeks but I’m trying to forget about that one except for what I learned from it!

Anyway here is what I have:
Zkittlez Autoflower
34 days old
RWDC, two 5-gallon bucket setup with ~ 8 gallons total
water temp rock steady at 65f-66f
air temp - not so steady but 75 to 85f
humidity 45-65
Lights - barinna 2’ leds @ 144 watts total, on 18, off 6
Nutes: Fox Farm Grow Big & Big Bloom - currently at ec .610
pH pretty steady at 5.9

My question is about what stage I am in - I’m not sure when to transition to bloom levels of nutes. Can you help with these pics?

Thanks in advance!

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Start the flower nutrients. I am seeing lots of pistils and buttons are showing in the first photo.
I googled barrina LED. At first I came up with shop lights. I was in fact interested in them because I need to replace a fixture. But then I found them of Barrina -LED. No idea how they will do during flower.
I would suggest keeping the light as low as possible. You also want to bend over the central leader. Let the other bud sites on the sides catch up.


Agree with @beardless ,preflower is well under way. Time for bloom stage nutes at reduced levels and adjust to make her happy. Also time to be adding CalMag or an equivalent.


Should I drain, clean and refill for the change in nutes?

Let me tag an authority on this 4 U… @Myfriendis410 @KeystoneCops Got some advice here?

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That’s what I’d do.


Thanks for the reply!

That’s the way my plants look 2 weeks after flip , start flower nutes looking good :relieved:


Thanks everybody! I drained, cleaned, and refilled. Starting out with about 25% of the flowering nutes to see how everything goes.


Things are progressing really well, this girl has grown really fast!

Two questions:

  1. Any guesses how much longer until harvest? I’m at almost 8 weeks now.
  2. Why the spots on the leaves? I have searched what I can and it seems like a nutrient deficiency so I added some Cal-Mag in but I’m seeing more spots instead of less. Should I be worried about it?

You can remove the worst damaged leaves as they will not repair themselves. It takes some time for a remedy to work and removing the bad ones makes it easier to tell if it has stopped.
As for harvest time, you have (nearly) all white pistils. Those will darken and more white ones will grow for a few weeks still. At least 4 weeks maybe longer.
I had one (White Cheese) go for over 90 days while another from the same seed batch will be ready at about 75. Supplier says expect 72 days from seed to harvest.

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I’m not so sure about the brown stuff but the rest looks ok I think.

Last Sunday I saw the amount of amber I was looking for so I cut her down after about 12 days of flushing. Today it was dry enough to start trimming. After all is said and done I have 12 quart mason jars about 3/4 full! No idea how much that will actually turn out to be but I’m pretty happy with this being my first grow. I wasn’t too worried about a few sugar leaves and very small stems since I’m only processing for edibles and tincture, but I trimmed as best as I could. I’ll let it cure for a few weeks until my Levo arrives and I can start making stuff. Pretty excited and can’t wait for the next grow! It will have to wait a couple of months for the weather to cool down, probably October or so. A lot of people here gave me advice when I needed it and I appreciate you all!!!

Let’s see them jars! Congrats!!


Very nice! Now if ya ever get sick of jars…look into grove bags :grin::facepunch:t2:

Just a quick update - 240g!

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