Need some help with first grow

I have a Sour Diesel Auto and Amnesia Haze Auto. SD is 12 weeks and AH is 14 weeks from sprout.
SD auto they say 9-10 weeks seed to harvest and AH 10-12 weeks. The SD has been in flower for about 5 weeks now and it looks like its foxtailing…? I thought it was close to done after a good portion of the pistils turned orange, but now its all new growth. Not sure if i should hust let it go or switch something up. Smells amazing, super sticky. I dont want couch lock or bud rot.

AH grew fast and thick. She has been in flower for just over 2 weeks now but she hasn’t changed in a week. No new growth, just early stage of flower. Shes drinking plenty of water.

These have been on my porch since the 3rd week, temps have ranged from 70s at night to 80s during the day. Some days hit high 80s and RH has been anywhere from 40% to 80% over the past few months. These are part of my first grow, looking for any input.

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Cited flowering times are just that - flowering times rather than the time from seed to harvest. The clock doesn’t start until the plant is actually flowering.

I get that, when i search grow diaries by strain, seed to harvest is just that. These are autoflowers and that is how many weeks from seed to harvest

Most plants take at LEAST 3 months (photo or auto). VERY few strains boast shorter harvest times and usually its just that, boasting. I see no foxtails, just skinny buds which could be from any number of things. When reading flowering times on vendor sights try to remember that the timelines and imagry given are given based on a commercial grow setting. They spend big bucks to control the environment, best lights, controls and so on. Pro lights, pro sebsors and tools. Its VERY unlikely you will experience the same at home on you patio. At best, ot gives you an idea when to start looking at the trichomes to predict when plant will finish. The actual ONLY way to judge a plants “doneness” is with a jewlers loupe or microscope and this chart.

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I must be missing something. No cannabis plant in any form will allow a seed to harvest time of 9-10 weeks.

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Its in another language but here is red poison from sweet seeds that is 8 weeks germ to harvest.

That makes sense, never thought about commercial set up being where they get their timeline from. Thanks for that.
Yes i use a loupe, ive already harvested 2. 1 blue dream and 1 UK cheese. UK cheese is currently in the dry tent. Both were showing about 10-15% amber trichomes. Id rather chop it early than late,. These were the other 2 grown in tent but i had temp issues and i think they were heat stressed


I don’t believe them, even if given ideal growing conditions. It’s just not possible unless you want to harvest immature flowers.


I grew 3, it was wispy and not very dense. Tastey though. Like a foot tall

Look great! Look like you doin just fine to me my friend.

My blue dream i got 3.5 oz dry but it wasnt dense at all. Airy thin buds. I also wet trimmed and it dried too fast, bud smelled like hay. Its on 2 weeks of curing and the smell is somewhat better…im learning alot of what not to do on my first grow.


They look great. Good luck, mate.

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Yeah drying to quickly can really mess up that smell. The enzymes that break down chloraphyll require moisture to survive, take too much away and you can cure forever it still wont matter.

You can do a bit to increase terpine production in your flowers but you gotta figure that there is more chloraphyll then terpine in any plant, gonna smell like grass till that balance changes. 1 thing you can do is feed them unsulfured molasses during flower, they will use the sugars for that, as I understand it anyhow. Also you can restrict nutrients in the last 2 weeks, this forces plant to use its stores and chloraphyll. This will give you alot less “green” smell at harvest. At least thats how it has gone for me.

You got some monster plants bro, should be proud.

Thank you. Yes im very happy with my first stab at it. I was bummed about the buds not being dense but i quickly realized i did pretty well and it still does the trick! I flushed both plants for 10-12 days before chop. I also stopped giving them water 3 days or so before. I read they think its a drought and they put everything into the buds in preparation. Not sure how true but i will see how the uk cheese turns out.

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Alot of bro science is experiential wisdom. I take that over science every time.

Alot of autos have looser buds. I think it a ruderalis trait the do not advertise. Quality and flavor seem unaffected but it bothers many people. Some say even regular feminized are looser and l8ghter but that regular seeds have none of those problems. My issue with reg seeds is the odds are 1 outta 10 is female.

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Nice looking buds!

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Ya i wasnt aware of autos having looser buds until it happened. I have a couple photos that im growing now. It will be nice to do some comparing between the 2. Learn something.
I over due everything i do lol. This was no different. First grow 6 different auto strains and 2 photo strains. Blue dream and sour diesel i grew 2 of. I admit now i got excited and over did it

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I tried to plant new seeds every 4 weeks to have it be continuous…they just dont opperate on that static timeline. Ended up having to rob light from one plant to give it to another…now I just fill my tent at the start and call it good!

What size tent and how many plants? I was using a 2x4x5 but now thats my dry tent and i habe a 3x3x6 for grow. Limited space in unfinished basement area. Thats really the only thing my wife asked was to Keep it in the unfinished basement area. Currently dry tent is in finished area lmao. I told her if we have a party or peoole over i can fit the 2x4 through the doorway and out of sight