Need some help with a light

A friend of mine got gifted a Kind led light the Xl 750wifi. Is it worth a $@#% or should he toss it??? He’s just starting out in a 2x4x6 tent. @dbrn32


It’s old tech but it will absolutely work, id definitely use it if it was free, i wouldn’t buy it but I’d definitely use a free one :+1:


Cheap is good, free is better! I wouldn’t recommend this as best way to spend ones own money, but i would definitely use it to get rolling.


Absolutely. A free light is a good light. Maybe not end-game but heck. What is?

Definitely don’t toss a $400 gift. It’ll grow a plant or two in a 2x4.

I just dont want him to waist several months growing to end up with airy wispy crapy buds. Im sure he could veg with it but is it good enough to grow good bud??

Its allegedly 430 watts with some uv diodes. I wouldn’t use it to flower out anything larger than a 3x3 and I certainly wouldn’t expect dense nugs from an autoflower, but with half decent photoperiod plants it could probably do okay.

Edit to say I don’t see where I saw the IR diode info now.

What kind of diodes does it use??? Anyone know???

That’s what I was able to find with some relative ease. Beyond that… no clue.

Allegedly it was designed to veg a 5x5 and flower a 4x4. Which means a 3x3 is probably exactly right.

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