Need some help please: nutrients

Hey guys I’ve been looking on Google for a list of mobile and immobile but I haven’t been getting a straight answer, think you guys can help me with it ? I’m trying to make a whole cannabis growing journal. :seedling::v:

You mean as far as what nutrients are readily available in comparison to what is not immediately available? @JerseyKush19

Calcium = immobile
Silica = immobile
Boron = immobile
Iron = immobile
Magnesium,Nitrogen,potassium ,phosphorus are Mobile


If I were to see deficiencies such as manganese, molybdenum, zinc, and over fertlization, would I be better off just ending the plant there than spending more money on fertilizer etc ??

If the deficiency is so bad that their is little to no chance of reversing it resulting in plant death then in my opinion yes I’d start over. But from what I have seen and read here there isn’t a whole lot of situations that can’t be remedied . Plus you get some real learning experience bringing a plant back from the edge


@JerseyKush19 I just tagged you in my grow journal. Check out post 125 I think it will help.

Trust me I already learned enough from growing outdoors in my state I wouldn’t recommend to just go indoors. To many bugs and the day/ night cycle is really bad, just look on my profile and see my outdoor grow. It was pretty strong bud but the damages from the outdoor environment really limited it’s potency.

Do you have pictures of you plant in natural light?

Yeah I think I’ll be an exclusive indoor grower. Your Plant got pretty beat up, Damn bugs

No unfortunately, I harvested and smoked most of it l. It was really strong GSC surprisingly lol

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Came across this and remembered your post

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