Need some help picking some new strains , outside grower , New England Climate


Hello fellow growers, I have a question and would love some feedback. I’m a outside grower and wanted to try a new strain or two for next season. I live in New England and for the past few years , Spring has been extremely late and since I don’t have a grow light to even start germination and seedlings I’ve grown WW-Fem and this year I tried WW- Auto’s [love them, it allows me to have two harvest. I also am growing Gold Leaf Fem. Some of the strains that I’ve been looking at --Crystal , bruce banner , Big Bud and Blue Dream. Your opinion are so appreciated and any suggestions I would truly be thank-ful. :face_with_monocle:

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I grow indoors now mostly
But have grown outdoors
The Bruce Banner is nice just harvested some
@Hogmaster has that and crystal growing outdoors right now
@Willd is a outdoor guy not sure if he’s grown any of those strain outdoors


Hey @MBgrower,
Of the ones you mentioned the only one of those I’ve grown was Big Bud and it was a winner all around. Supposedly only 16% TCH but I split the stem and induced drought before harvest to try to increase that a little. Turned out to be great. The Pineapple Haze has a longer flower cycle but produces really well here in Mid Coast Maine area. I’m definitely growing more of them next time around.


I had my first outside grow this year and it was a failure. White Widow auto. I got spider mites and bud rot and had to harvest early. So I won’t be of much help.
Auto would seem to be right for your climate if you can harvest twice a year.


@Willd Thank You for your response, I’ve heard some good reviews on Big Bud , will have to do more research on that strain but I’m very interested with the Pineapple Haze. Could you post me a picture of her if you haven’t harvest her yet , also when did you start germinating. I’m going to see what other information I can find on the Pineapple Haze - sounds yummy :yum::yum:

Thank You again for your response and sharing your knowledge and experience with me !!! :heart_eyes:



@MAXHeadRoom - This was the first year I grew Auto’s , besides from a few mistakes I had a decent yield and was able to do harvests. All Auto’s are now done and in jars. I have 10 Gold Leaf , in the ground , I usually grow in fabric pots , outside but this grow I did a few things different. Auto’s - my first year and in ground is also new. So far so good, all Gold Leaf have entered flowering , about 2 weeks.

Thank You again for your comment and help , I love this Forum , everyone is so nice and willing to help and spread their knowledge



@Countryboyjvd1971 - I’ve seen and read some great things about Bruce Banner and crystal. Do you have any pictures of The Bruce Banner ?? I would love see her and maybe read some of your journal on her if you have one.

Thank you so much



Here a link to my thread its a bit of a mess tho super busy this summer


Would love to be able to grow outside but I am in a state that believes Cannabis is the Devils Lettuce… :no_mouth: I know GL is supposed to be a beast outdoors. Smoked it only…

Are you shooting for a large, single crop to last a season?


I’ve done Gold Leaf here too and it was my top yielding strain. pics to come


pineapple haze harvesting from 2017

big bud pre harvest 2017

I was way wrong on the potency and it’s killer
I started them all indoors around Feb. This years plants are here…


You’re not going to have very big plants or yield outdoors if you don’t start them indoors under lights unless you have a hoop house or high tunnel /cold frames.
Depending where in New England you are makes a world of difference how soon you can direct sow your seeds. The Berkshires and snow belt of interior central MA is a lot different than say the Cape, or Boston. The White Mountains of NH is totally different than Southern RI or the tobacco fields of the CT River valley. Here in Waldo County, ME, some folks don’t even plant their gardens until a week or two into June. I don’t get to VT much so I’m sorry if I offended anyone by leaving a specific part of it out.


I grow outdoors in coastal Maine. The basic thing you want to look for is any plant that finishes outdoors in September. Last year I did a m.o.b. And Jack the ripper a friend gave me, both got rot due to 2 weeks of rain, due to tropical storms swinging through. I still wound up with 1 pound dried, rot free bud. But, I wouldn’t recommend j.t.r. for the area, as it finished late.

This year, I’ve got blue cheese, red dragon, peyote cookies, and peppermint kush going. I would highly recommend the peyote cookies, they are gorgeous, easy to grow plants. The red dragon is really lanky, and I won’t be doing it again. I had 3 seeds of each strain, I gave some to my brother in law, so we could stay at the legal limit per person, and he killed 2 red dragon as seedlings, and a peppermint kush. I had no issues, other than slugs killing 1 of my kush.

Typically, kush strains do well in the climate up here, so it’s hard to go wrong with them. I also did 2 strains of autos for my gf. Red poison, and pineapple express. The pineapple express is amazing, dense, rock hard buds. The red poison was super leafy, so I’d stay away from that one, it had great resin production though, so it’d be a great hash, or butter, plant. Parts of the stems looked like they’d been dipped in oil.


Take a good look at Grand daddy purple too. Easy to grow and a great product to enjoy when it’s done.