Need some help on when i should start flower

Not sure when i should put my plant into flower if i could have some help that would be great.
it’s about 2 or so months old.
growing indoors with coco and temps vary from 20c-30c.
(The one on the right is the one i need help with)


i know the setup looks very bad lol, but they will be in a tent very soon i promise :joy:

The answer is how much room do you have for the strain you are growing? If it is going in a 1M tall tent, probably should have flipped a month ago. Provide some details. Meanwhile, maybe this will help


Welcome to the community ! When plant shows maturity you can flip plant whenever you like it’s all about managing space. @beardless. Has posted a picture that’s worth a thousand words.

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Thanks so much @kellydans @beardless
My tent is much bigger than 1M so i should be fine for space!

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I was just using 1M as an example. The lights and their hanging height, fans, filters and pots take up space so you just need to account for them and the amount the plant will stretch when figuring out when to flip. I see a lot of posts about when to flip 36" plants in 6 or 7 foot tents.
It looks like you have done some pruning and training so you should be in good shape. Post some more as you set the tent up and progress through the grow. Good luck


The plant looks good bro

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Cheers mate

Thanks for the help.
i’ll let you know how it goes.

You growing under a desk light? That sht is popping

Haha got a cfl bulb on the left sight just for a bit more extra light. They are bloody popping tho i’m surprised.

smaller one is just over a month old

Yeah I can tell , definitely has potential like the sister, good genetics what strain?

Yeah definitely, first grow by the way :slight_smile:
So happy so far

Purple haze one on the right, gold leaf on the left, gold leafs ilgms strain

My first grows where duds , so you are doing great, have seen a lot of great grows on both , you’ll do great

Yep very happy with how their going with the very shitty grow area i’m using at the moment.
thinking of using heavy bud, blossom blaster, pk and monsta bud for the biggest and heaviest tied.

heaviest yield sorry, for flowering

I would advise training but it’s up to you , have you look into training, you like it ?

mmm, i prefer topping, less trouble but i usually just bend the branches with my hand and that works just as well.