Need Some Help On Trichome Evaluation

This is an outdoor grow in Pot for Pot 3 gallon. White Widow strain, 87 days from sprouting.
The monsoon weather we have been experiencing in the deep south has really decimated my first grow. Pots were soaking wet for over a month, 1 inch rain minimum daily. That’s my excuse, now to the question.
The trichomes appear milky to me in this crappy picture.
What do you think?
I seem to be unable to hold the phone steady.

About the only advice anyone can say with that picture is your flowering I’d be very surprised if it’s ready get a jewelers loop to be sure and be sure your looking at flower not sugar leaves they mature earlier if it’s a photo your not close Evan an auto outdoors usually takes longer than indoors but if autoflower it might be ready cause they do what they want be patient as Jorge Cervantes said if you Think it’s ready wait a week✌️

You’re right. It is a crappy picture.

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Great advice Captain Obvious. We’ll see how well your photos turn out when your 71.

Thxs Sparky66, it is an autoflower from ILGM. Grown indoor for 35 days, then moved outside.


Slow your roll, old timer. I meant no offense and was only trying to introduce some levity into the conversation. You said it was a crappy picture. I agreed. I guess I could have just said, “Post a better picture. All I can see is green with my old eyes.” I actually figured you were going to do that one way or another. If you want an honest evaluation of the bud you will have to post a picture of the buds up close. You might need a better camera. You might need a younger member of your household to help out. There’s my advice.

Again, no offense intended.


Do u have a jewellers loupe or a usb microscope. Thats best way to tell the tric look. If not get a close up of the bud and as clear as possible but still wont know for sure without that zoomed in look. @jnaronngc

If you don’t have one of those you can actually download a magnifying app for your phone…here’s a couple shots I took using one of numerous ones I’ve tried…

Should note that this particular app came with a “steady shot” feature and these photos were taken outside on a windy day

Thxs for the reply Grizz
I do have a loupe that was included with my Pot for Pot order, It does not compensate for my old ass shaking. Do you know the name of the steady shot app?

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We’re good Marine!


The name would lead you on a search that you’ll probably have to do anyways through your AppStore….honestly I’m going to get on Amazon (and I’m gonna suggest you do this too just based off of ease and getting the job done right the first time) and get a usb microscope that comes with a stand…I too am shaky and can’t get the images that I think I need to see current progress. There’s some really good really cheap scopes out there and I probably will only use this for this one specific reason so it’s best (in my opinion) to just invest cause I know my shaky hands aren’t going away and it will take the guessing out of any future harvests or shaky days that may come

me, i like a fixed scope. No way can you hold 100x or higher steady

I wanted to see where this one is at. Obviously not ready


Thxs for your reply. I took my pictures the hard way it sounds:)
Great idea, stand microscope.

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@beardless What kind of camera is that dude your trich shots are incomparable to most


It is a plugable digital microscope. Plugs into my laptop. The scope comes with a flex stand and after using it once upgraded to a fixed stand,

I also use a camera stand when I want photos while on the plant. I take most this way

It is a little blueberry auto


:star_struck:Thanks…I was looking to avoid having to chop specimens for checking…this does it! Thanks again

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i just ordered one from amazon, usb and has adaptors to plug into smartphones. i think it was 12 or less dollars :slight_smile: I wanted to be able to stabilize and zoom in to perfectly steady shots when the time comes

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With that amount of magnification when looking individual trichomes needs a very steady hand indeed.


Thanks for all of your advice!