Need some help on my new grow

Hey I didn’t know how to post a question so I thought u guy been a great help the fiat my other plants died when I went on a business trip my sister over watered them so I have a new baby going but I need some help I’m growing Northern lights it sprouted a couple days ago I was wondering do it go under lights now an for how long a day an I was wondering when do I transplant it i could only get a hold of foxfarm Ocean forest soil what do u recommend should I start small in like a solo cup or a 5 gallon grow bag that’s all I have at the moment this is what it looks like rite now

Any help will be greatly appreciate it thank you

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Sorry a couple typo’s

yes it needs light now
Florescent bulbs are good for seedlings.
I use a 23w cfl about 4" above
24hrs no off for a week or so.
Would be good to transplant soon. It only takes a couple days for roots to grow out of the puck. Remove the netting when you do.

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I would get some basic seedling starter soil to go into the solo cup. Ocean forest can burn seedlings. I put about 1/4” of ocean forest in the bottom of my solo cup then seed starter mix fills the rest of the cup.

For the solo cup, I use clear solo cups and place those inside of opaque solo cups. This way you can pull the clear cup out and check your root development. Here’s an example


Thanks that’s a good idea is it suppose to be under lighting now

Yes, she needs light now. Doesn’t need to be intense light. Some go 24hr light and some go 18hr. I go 24 hr under a 19w LED for about a week or two.

Ok thanks what kinda seedling soil do u recommend

@Bobbydigital is all over this. I usually put mine in Promix but any peat or coco starter media (without fertilizer) will work. Feed your seedling straight distilled water under a dome (reversed clear Solo cup) and don’t forget to poke (melt) plenty of drain holes.

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Sorry for all the questions just new to this an I’m really excited like a little kid :joy: an very interested in learning everything that I can so should I put it in the cup now an how long after that do it go into a 5 gallon I been on a couple different forums after finding you guys haven’t been back on the other ones since you guys are the best an very knowledgeable

I’ve always used this. It has a small amount of fertilizer in it (.03% Npk). It is 95% peat moss. Miracle grow is frowned upon but this doesn’t have time release nutrients. Grab a little Mykos and seedlings do well in it.

I am planning on using the Fox Farm Light Warrior as recommended by so many on this site, myself.

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The seed has everything it needs in the pod to get it to the second set of true leaves, after that it requires a mild source of food. That food can come in the soil, such as garden soil or potting soil, super soil will be too hot. No requirement to use fertilizer unless in straight coco or liquid solution.
As for light, a seed requires no light to germinate but begins to photosynthesize as soon as the small Mickey mouse leaves ( cotyledons) open, they need moderate light intensity. If the light is too week they will get very leggy almost overnight. In two or three days will require support. When you hit the sweet spot, they will stay short and get bushy. If your light only has one setting, you can start with the fixture further away and move it closer every few days.