Need some help on bananas

Question from a fellow grower:

my question is I had a light leak not u fault at all mine being lazy I have picked all the per bananas or two appear a day I am at the half way through the fifth week my question is should I keep growing it or will there be to much seed.I am not useing a fan.i am letting the window open for air.i check daily twice for and pre bananas :banana: I use wet fingers so I don’t spread. And what is the best strain to grow during summer where it gets 40 degrees here and the tent gets humid can u recommend anything?cheers mate

Are they showing up on the same few buds or stems, or just randomly everywhere?

I had a few last grow, and snipped the effected buds, and none came back. They were only in a few spots though.

If it’s the only plant, you might as well keep growing unless it gets crazy bad.

Can’t help with s strain recommendation. Sorry.