Need some help in getting a name to a cross who I'm working

Hello fell@s
I need some help in get a name to a cross who I’m working!
They cross it Sour diesel mother
With sour tangie father
Sour diesel x sour tangie
Any suggestions any advice or name for them it be really appreciate!!.
Thanks and Good vibes

Sour Dingie


Tang. Good enough for astronauts…

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Sour D’Angie

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Well since sour diesel has a shady origin story, the only thing they know for sure is that it appeared around 1991, and it quickly spread up the east coast. So it was widely known as easy coast sour/east coast diesel.
With that in mind, dub this new plant “East Coast Tang” or East Coast Tangie. :grin::grin::grin::thinking:

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I’m thinking in
Sourricane ??
What you guys think???

Sour Trucker…
Sour Spice… since it will be high in Caryophyllene

Tangerine Gas…