Need some help identifying isuue

These are 1 week old sour diesel autos and they’re all jacked lol. Soil is FF Strawberry Fields(same soil ive used for 5 grows.) Tent temps range between 72°-80° hasnt gone over 80 yet° theyre in my finished basement but no heat down there. I have another auto in the tent that is about 2 weeks from finishing so the Rh has been high 30’s to mid 40’s. Ive tried using domes but the moisture in the dome dries out too fast and i dont want to risk baking it if i cant get to it.
The leaves are shriveled up, curling in, 2 different color green almost like tie-died. Light is a cheapo 150w led. Set at 50% and about 12-14" above pots.
Any help is appreciated, im grabbing a small humidifier today but im not sure thats my issue. I also dont want to worry about wpm. I had an issue with it even with these conditions

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Low humidity is the likely culprit. You really will benefit them by doming them.


Domes dry out in a couple hours, wont they bake in there woth no real moisture or airflow?

They don’t seem to be reaching for the light perhaps raise it a few inches and go to 60% and find the happy medium of temp and RH there is a zone where it will come together. Best of luck friend. The humidifier would be good because 30-40% humidity is too low for veg and early flower. I try not to let my rh reach 40-45% until 3 weeks into flower.

I’ve heard that watering around the rim of your pots when plants are in seedling stage. This will entice roots to grow outward toward your water line.
To increase humidity you can wet a towel and hang in your tent. If you do not have a humidifier.

Wonder if her roots found a hot spot in the soil? Her new growth looks fine though as if she’s grown past the issue area maybe?

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I water around the plant couple inches out, then i spray top of soil directly under plant. I also have used the wet towel method but again i can’t be there to keep wetting towel. Im grabbing a small humidifier today. I was kinda expecting humidity to be the probelm but i also wasnt sure why the leaves are different colors

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This time of year with winter’s low humidity and temps, I tend to leave young plants under a dome longer.
I also use small pots once they have sprouted.

I like the Mondi 10x20x7" dome. It is large enough to let them grow a bit. Day 13 since cotyledon leaves.
Maybe a larger dome with more capacity will help. I found this on amazon


Well unfortunately those wont work, i start autos off in their final home (3 gallon). Ive tried re-pottingvautos and ive had issues with them stressing and flowering right after repot

They are still growing a root system to uptake nutrients. You can lightly add nutrients to foliage feed them for the first couple weeks. Using some beneficial microbes and a root stimulant to boost root growth now will help.

Yeah, but the soil should have been moistened before the seeds were put in from top to bottom. Most of the soil is dry as a bone, combined with low humidity and the light too close, that’s a recipe for problems.


Sorry i didnt add that. Im using great white root powder already.

Gonna have to jump on board with a dome. Spray it a few times if you have to and soak it. Kind of push it into the soil like 1/4" so the moisture doesn’t keep getting sucked out.


Before i put seeds in soil i always soak soil, i dont soak soil after that, just water around and spray top of soil. It has worked for 15 other plants ive harvested


The 4 pots pictured are filled with coco. I soak them down pretty good a day before I put the sprout in them. I didn’t touch them for 5 or 6 days. One was a little drier than the others and gave it 30ml of low dose Jacks. After that, about every 3 days remoisten the coco. In between, mist the dome.

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That is what I was thinking of when I included the individual domes. At 10x8 I thought they might be large enough to last a while.
I couple grows ago, I was amazed at how young plants responded to a good humidity level compared to lower levels. I had to add a humidifier to my grow closet.
The will just be slowed down with lower humidity. Not good for autos but not catastrophic either.
Good luck.

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I just added a humidifier. Just gotta keep an eye on it to dial it in.

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Thanks for the help. I’ll update once i get the Rh dialed in.

Rh is good. Im still getting deformed leaves. Mainly wrinkled twisted leaves. I tossed one of the plants and i might toss another one.