Need some Help determining time for HARVEST


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This is Always my toughest part of the grow , When to HARVEST ???
Especially when I don’t have one of those Jeweler’s loupe :frowning_face:

She is Gold Leaf and she is in Day 53 of flowering , I took a few pictures as close and clear as I can get , Can anyone tell me their opinion, I’m thinking another 2 weeks. She is planted in the ground and is not receiving any nutes. Also is it a good time to split the STEM ? All comments are highly appreciated.

Thank You


where’s the pics


I’ve never grown gold leaf sorry @MBgrower but where the pics


And don’t split yet til ya know @MBgrower


@Royc - LOL !!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I forgot , I just SMOKED a bowl

Give me a minute :crazy_face:



@Royc I just uploaded them on the original post. I cant believe I did that !! I’m still laughing :joy: Not only did I forget to post the pictures , I forgot to download them off my phone. What an AIR HEAD !!!



@MBgrower if you look at the 4th pic the top right of the pics you can see tricomes in the background n in my opinion not ready quite yet lookin nice though :call_me_hand:


@livefast - Thank you for replying !! This is my first time growing Gold Leaf myself, What do you think about Splitting the Stem , Does she look close ?

Sorry about all the questions , I guess it’s time for me to get one of those Jewelry thing’s :thinking:



It’s cool @MBgrower we’re all here to help each other. And I’ve never drilled or split… maybe @raustin could tell us when to split or drill


They look milky from the pics. I’m growing one Gold Leaf among my 10 plants and it’s about the same age as yours. Popped out on 4/20 ironically. I don’t take mine until 30-50% Amber shows up.

she’s close though. The fan leaves are mostly yellowing.


I’m thinking 2-3 weeks


Look at my indoor auto critical Purple page justgrowin just answered ya on my page @MBgrower


You look all milky hard to see clearly when blown up tho
Really its a personal decision at this point as long as your at least all milky your thc is at its peak
Now you just need to decide how much couch lock you want
More amber more couch lock
I personally like mine Around 20 amber


@Countryboyjvd1971 Thank you so much for your opinion and help. This is my second grow and still have a difficult time determining when to harvest. I’ve been look at her with a magnifying glass also but still not sure. I need to invest in one that attaches to your phone so I can take and post better pictures for the GREAT people Like You who are always so willing to help. I wouldn’t even be at harvest if it wasn’t for AWESOME people like you , who are so nice and willing to help and spread their knowledge and experiences. So Thank You Again !!! :yum:



It’s really hard to tell without close up pics of the trichs, but it looks to be mostly cloudy. I think it’s safe to split the stem at this point and go another week.

Here is a cheap, but effective loupe that I use. You really should have one, it clips to your phone so you can post pics of trichs.


@raustin - Thank you very much for your opinion :grin: and Im definitely going to order a jewelry magnifier