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Ok, thanks in advance to anyone who has input. First time grower growing one ILGM Amnesia Haze Auto. Growing in Kind soil and FFOF, 5gal fabric pot, water only no nutrients, Budgetled 250 r-spec light. Seed sprouted 3/24 up until now I’ve really had no issues, but this morning noticed some extreme yellowing on some of the older leaves particularly leaves on the main cola stem and the branches off of that stem. I don’t have enough experience to really make a solid assessment of what’s happening. Plant was fine yesterday. Not sure of it’s a deficiency or part of the natural plant process so I’m asking you guys with more experience for a little guidance. From looking at a deficiency chart it looks like maybe a sulphur or zinc deficiency , but like I said I’m new to this so here’s some pics.


What do your runoff ppms look like? It looks like a potassium deficiency starting. Are you seeing brown spotting at all on the yellowing leafs starting to form?


Thanks for reply. I’m not watering to runoff because it’s not recommended by Kind soil. No brown spotting on any of the leaves. The leaves that are yellowing are old leaves some of the first to form. I did have some leaves starting to get pale in the middle of the leaf but that went away. This literally happened over night. I did notice the leaves turning upwards and the yellow tips are very curled upwards.

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They just look really weak as far as producing pistils and flower. Like they are lacking PK. I would look into some flower teas or something along those lines to get your PK levels up. I’m a hydro guy so I dont know the super soil stuff.


I was thinking the same thing a couple days ago. It seems like they’re not flowering like I was expecting.

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I have everything to switch to nutrients if need be. My concern is the fact that it’s a hot soil and if I start adding nutes I might nuke the plant which I don’t want to do. So if I wanted to switch to nutrients what would be the best course of action for that. Try and do a complete flush? Will a complete flush get rid of the nutrients in the Kind soil?

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I’m pretty sure I’ve narrowed my problem down to a nitrogen deficiency. The leaves are yellowing from the tip to the stem and the stems are a light purple color. Which fox nutrient would be best to help with this? From what I understand it looks like grow big would be the best choice. should I start with half strength or 1/4 strength and should I also add calmag with this?

If your gonna use FF nutrients then you have to get the base bottles. I believe its 3 total

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Older leaves die off and self-prune back. It’s not an issue unless excessive. @imSICKkid had good advice and I too would recommend something to add a P, K jolt to your plant. Fruit-bat guano would be the first choice for me.

I bought the trio of Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom and Grow big. Which would be the best choice for this situation. Thanks guys!

They are meant to be used together. Grow Big contains the most N, Big Bloom contains a little N and K, but is important for micronutrients, and Tiger Bloom is heavy on P and K for flowering.

Your plants look like they’ve had plenty of N. I’d go easy on the Grow Big. You will continue to need some N to support the stretch and plant health though.


So you’re saying mix up a gallon of water with all three added? Should I also consider some cal mag? Thanks so much for your response.

A dilute solution of Dry Kool Bloom or Beastie Bloomz would give a good jolt but is not organic. I would recommend 1/4 strength or about 500 ppm to start.


I have Fox Farms trio of big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom. Should I not be too concerned with nitrogen being the plant is in flower?

Here’s my last plant on the day of harvest so I’m not the right guy to ask haha. I prefer to support the plant all the way through for a more healthy and happy plant.


@registereduser you should switch to Gringo Rasta or cultivation Nation 3 part. Much better for cannabis growing in my opinion. I’ll tag you in my journal so you could see what I’ve been doing.

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I’m glad you weren’t in my kindergarten class when it came time for show and tell.
Mannnnn some awesome buds.

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The only fox farm nute I’d put in a kind soil grow would be Big Bloom. The other 2 of the “big three” will kill off your microbial biome. You can switch to bottle feeding, but then you’re pretty much stuck with it and have to be careful about over feeding.

Of course Big Bloom has no nitrogen.

Conversely, if you want to make a tea with alfalfa meal and unsulphured molasses, that will add nitrogen and some trianconatol without upsetting your microbes. It’s really easy and plants love it.


That’s a happy plant!

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So I committed the cardinal sin as far as Kind soil goes and watered just enough to get a little bit of run off. Used 1gal carbon filtered water at 6.8 PH. water going in was 294PPM water coming out was 4000PPM. I really don’t understand what this tells me so any input is very welcome.