Need some help/advice paying with Zelle


I’m trying to pay for an order using Zelle, which I’ve never even heard of before, and I’m having a couple of issues. I’ve reached out to ILGM but haven’t heard back yet; so, I thought I’d ask on here. ILGM provided me with a email account to use with Zelle for the transaction but the Zelle system within Wells Fargo is asking for a recipient name as well. I can enter the email address for the recipient but the “Continue” button won’t light up unless I add a name. I tried adding a random name (I chose "Bud) and as soon as I type it into the “First Name” field, the “continue” button turns dark blue and will work. I’m not sure if I need to put a specific name in there for the transfer to correctly or if I can put any old name in there because only the email address really matters.

Another issue I see is that when I add the recipient email address there’s a little message that shows up saying, “This is the first time you’ve sent money to Bud To receive it they must register ILGM provided email address with Zelle” I’m unsure if this is a standardized message or if, somehow, ILGM sent me the wrong email address, that hasn’t yet been registered with Zelle. I tried entering the email address ILGM provided into the Search bar but it didn’t come up with any results and I have to enter it manually.

I’m just a little worried about doing this without checking. It’s a expensive order (for me) and I can’t afford to lose the money due to an error on my part. Replies from ILGM, using the email system, are pretty slow and I was hoping that some other folks with experience ordering and paying with Zelle can help me through this today.


ILGM finally replied and I got the answer to my questions. Not sure how it’s done around here but if a moderator sees this thread and wants to delete it, please feel free!


How do you use it?


How long does it take to know if they got payment from zelle


A few minutes


Im in usa it took over night mabe time zone


In all honesty pay pal is your best bet thats what i used when ilgm had problems with there credit/debt card payment. Zelle is too confusing


But they do not give Paypal as an option…


Zelle is rejecting me, Zelle does not like my bank.

if one of you big dogs are listening. I need to be pointed in the correct direction.


Theres a way too do it, when ilgm credit/debit card payment wouldnt work the person that deals with payments emailed me and i did it that way. Garrigan can help you alot better than i can @garrigan65 can you help? Lol



We will send you an email to help you out with this right away. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help Stacy,

I finally got Zelle to work, took me 3 days. When it was all said and done, it was Zelle’s app has a tone of bugs in the software, so it is slow and full of errors.
But all in all, it did work!

Thanks for your help.