Need some guidance on what to do next. 12 weeks in

This is my first grow and I have two ladies who are in their 12th week from seed in soil.
3 1/2 weeks ago they started showing preflowers. I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t understand that it meant I should go ahead and switch to 12/12.

In the last week they have gone through a huge growth spurt!

The nodes are also swelling quite a bit. They’ve been like that for a week or so. I assume it means she is already going through her flowering stage without me having switched to 12/12. Is that right? Is it possible I have auto flower seeds or did I just wait too long?

Seeds were in my bud from a dispensary. Likely an indica or hybrid as that is all I ever buy. I think they are OG Diesel

My light schedule has been 14/10. Humidity is usually around 50% and temp stays about 70 degrees. I have no idea about soil temp.

I haven’t used any nutrients whatsoever but put them in really good organic soil. Despite a bit of overwatering causing a few droopy leaves and a small but manageable gnat problem, the grow has gone well.

I’m using florescent tubes. Two 32 watt T8 Tubes 4500k.

I guess I’m looking for confirmation on whether this all sounds ok or I should be doing something at this point. I plan to bring her down to 11/13 in a week or two and then 10/14 to finish her out.

Is it necessary to give them nutrients? Should I be using stronger bulbs or will the Fluorescents be enough?

Also, the bottom leaves are dying off on one of the plants. That’s normal right? Or should I be concerned?

The photos I’ve included show the swollen nodes, the dying/crispy leaves and my setup. (I have two reflectors on either side of the plants and a small fan in the back that is giving them a slight breeze.)

Any guidance about things I should be doing at this point is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Sounds like you have photperiods that are ready to flower id start flowering them on 12/12 which I think was mentioned you did.

If you do feed them start them off with light feedings and gradually work up as she gets older