Need some guidance again please

Hello I wondered if anyone had any info on would it hurt a cannibus plant to go outside in the day and bring back inside at night


It wouldn’t
But you would have to watch more for bugs and critters


It can. Look up transfer disease. It really happens. Plus think about bug ur gonna bring in and out of the hose in the pot every time u go in and put a new bug comes in with it. Not saying this will happen but good and i mean super good chances that they will happen tho. Try and veg them inside as long as u can and then set them out for the rest of their time. If thats what u plan on doing. In and out for plants is really not good and can stress them from the rapid changes


Welcome ! Autos no problem , photos look at your daylight hours compared too dark cycle. More dark than daylight they could start flowering early. Just my thoughts good luck

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I’ve done it for years. Many folks do this.

If doing an suburban grow with photoperiod plants you almost have to; due to the presence of streetlights and such.

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