Need some expert advice on wet plant

I have a white widow auto, that I was planning on harvesting maybe this weekend, trichomes are cloudy, was waiting for just a little amber.
A storm just rolled through and beat (nothing broken) her up and soaked her… I usually move plants to cover when chance of rain… Didn’t get chance to move her…

Should I be worried about possible rot now? Can’t bring into house because how strong her smell is (I don’t mind… wife does)

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Yes definitely rot is a concern if you’re dealing with heat AND humidity…you appear to have plenty of leaves left on it that a trim would help decrease the chances of this…and I mean a trim of fan leaves no smaller than 3fingers of the entire plant…3fingers are closer to the bud (usually) and once you start trimming you’ll really notice how opened up she will become…airflow gonna be key for you now…just try not to smoosh your buds it’s kinda easy to do if you’ve never trimmed or aren’t comfortable really getting in there


Have a box fan or other big fan you can bring outside to get some good breeze on it?


Thank you for advice, gave her a haircut… Now on covered porch with a fan on her, I’ll keep an eye on her.

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Sounds like you’re doing everything you can. Nice work

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Thanks… First grow, don’t want to ruin it

For your first grow it’s awesome! You could help her even more by maybe giving her some support for days like this when you might be away and unable to keep tabs…bamboo sticks, tomato cages, just something to help support that big long main stem that’s droopy…I worry more bout it snapping then rot based on your pic :thinking:

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Will do👍

:sunglasses::facepunch:t2:No worries don’t hesitate to ask questions

She seems to perking up nicely, she’s under cover with a fan, I’ll add some support to help her out, then have her back out in the sun in the morning, top five inches of her cola broke when I was trimming her up, have that drying, thanks again for the advice


Good deal :blush::call_me_hand:t2: