Need some Expert Advice (leaf showing signs of ?)

Please help me diagnosis. This is my White widow ilgm photo period that has developed this . See photos. I flipped to flower 35 days ago. I thought it may be powdery mildew,but the photos online do not appear to match. Maybe a ph lockout? There is currently 6 plants , only 2 of them are doing this.

Thanks to the community for your support.
2x4 tent
Fox Farm trio
2 sf 2000 spider farmer lights
4 fans going
RH is 70 daylight and 50 lights off
Temp 75 daylight 50 lights off


Congratulations, your plant is producing trichomes. :slight_smile:


It was that easy ? Thanks ,just put a smile on my face.


I don’t see anything but trichomes… What is the concern?

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As a first time grower, I have not had any thing go sideways on me. The grow has been flawless so far.
To good to be true? Just trying to make it to the finish line,


Looks great!

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Nothing but frost there! Teeny bit of burn on the tips, that’s a good thing for most growers. Shows she’s taking everything you can give her! Looks great!!!

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Beautiful bed of trichomes

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White Widows produce a ton of resin. Here’s a few I grew last year :love_you_gesture:


Just out of curosity,How tall did you allow WW grow?

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I would assume 3-4’ but I keep them trained and typically my autos finish around 2’. I had 6 WW clones that I flipped quick for a bud run that finished around 30” and the buds were Rock solid and huge :love_you_gesture:

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I was so trying for that even canopy. Looks great. My WW are in a 2x4 and I lost control of it by the end of stretch. BTW there where 6 WW in that 2x4. Its now touching the 6 foot ceiling I got stuff so bent over its a disaster, a looking good disaster. LOL. Thanks for the photo.

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I’ve been down that road a few times, I start training early and keep the LST going. These WWs were super cropped twice to keep the canopy as even as possible :love_you_gesture:

One of the super crops


Plant looks great keep up the good work nice and frosty ! :+1: